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  1. jorgemg1984


    I am looking for a compressor and I think an optical one would be a good choice. My main goals are 1) making notes more even - softening hard notes and giving strength to soft notes 2) give me a little more sustain 3) hide the pick attack a little 4) my original sound as unaltered as possible.

    Any suggestions? The Carl Martin Opto Comp seems like a good and cheap choice - and has an attack button which seems great. A guy here can build me a Demeter but it doesn't have an attack control... The FloorQ seems great but its a little expensive for a compressor.

    Thanks in advanced!

  2. gleepglop

    For what it's worth, I think it is more effective in the long run to develop your right hand technique to do the things you mention. Using a pedal will color your sound and it's an extra thing to carry around and deal with. I have a Carl Martin compressor (it's very good), but I rarely use it anymore.

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  3. jorgemg1984

    Yes you re right - control on the right hand is essential and I need to work on that. But a compressor can help you that and I happen to have a free slot in my pedal board so... I really want one! But when I practice I wont use it - just for gigs.

  4. Optical compressors are the most transparent.
    BYOC does a nice optical compressor that can easily be modded to have a 3-way attack switch and a release knob.
    I'd be happy to build it for you if you didn't want to do it yourself too!

  5. jorgemg1984

    yes I already have decided myself on an optical one... The BYOC seems interesting! I might get a Demeter Pro for a good price here...

    Thanks so much for your offer - I am not able to build one! My hands are only good for playing guitar... But I have a really nice tech here that will build me one and just charge me the parts! :)

  6. jbroad

    the best one i've ever used is the barber tone press. it's very transparent and also has a mix control

  7. jorgemg1984

    Its on my list... Kurt used one right?

  8. jbroad

    i'm not sure. i'm not really caught up on kurt's gear

  9. jorgemg1984

    Does it helps with the things I have mentioned in the first post? The tone press is on the top of my list right now...

  10. jorgemg1984

    Update: Got the Fromel Velvet Vice - cheaper than most other compressors, small footprint, optical compressor and I loved my Shape EQ from Fromel.

    At first it was tough to get used to it but I discovered I should put the compressor first and the EQ second. Now it's sounding good - the compressor takes a lot of low end which is good with my Fender M80. You can dial a very dark sound withou getting boomy or muddy. The mids became very clear and present (specially because I am using Tornado speakers, which are very flat on the mids). The highs were a little strong at first but when i reversed the pedals order everything was perfect on that department.

    I still have to learn how to use it better and record / gig with the pedal. Right now I miss some parts of my uncompressed sound when it's on and some parts of my compressed sound when it's on. I also need to use it with my jazzmaster ultralight which is my main amp but is at my tech right now. Oh and the pedal is just beautiful. I am also using it as a clean boost and if I decide I don't want the compressor I will get a clean boost pedal because it really helps me with my low ouput PAFs.


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