Compressors to check out?

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  1. aramaya

  2. Gomoschmortz

    Check the pigtronix philosophers tone or the compressor from diamond.

  3. jbroad

    barber tone press

  4. kurtisrosenwinkel

    i have it, use it, its great…

    also this is great, perhaps my favorite:

    barber tone press is good too.

    this one is very good, but is very bright, and expensive…

    I'm curious about this one, but its mad expensive…

  5. aramaya

    thanks for the suggestions. I had been thinking about
    the joemeek floor q, but the others look great as well.

    has anyone checked this one out?

    I like the idea of being able to work with the low and high
    frequencies separately, but I have only seen it demo-ed
    on bass, and am not sure how it would work with
    guitar signal/frequency range.

  6. aramaya

    kurt, do you use more than one compressor in your set up?


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