Concentration/Focus Practice?

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  1. washabaugh

    I'd like to be able to maintain longer/stronger focus while listening to extended peices of music. Does anyone have any advice on how to practice this? Books to read?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. TruthHertz

    What genre are we talking about, if I might ask? Indian Raga? Philip Glass? Albert Ayler? Wagnerian Opera? A marathon festival of a relative's elementary school music jubilee? And what is your experience with the music you wish to appreciate deeper?
    As a stab in the dark here, I'd say that it always helps to tap into the creative process. There seems to be a prevailing attitude in this society to treat all art and music as a passive or indulgent experience. Music is NOT the "soundtrack of your life" but the connexion of one mind and another. To this end, the closer you are to the creator's (composer, instrumentalist, improvisor's) mind, the more you will feel sympatico and share in revelation.
    I may be stating the obvious here, but listening is the other end of a complex process of lexicon, syntax and semantics... or in other words, tools they are using, ways the pieces go together and a spirit or message they are carrying. The more you know about this, the more you will share not only the moment, but the sequence of moments that makes good music.
    To this end, learning to play thoughtfully (not just as fulfillment of structural obligation) and knowing an artist's vocabulary will go a long way in being able to follow and share in the decision making process and realization that a composer and soloist is actually going through. Be active. Be informed and be invested. Find the joy and share it.
    Just my opinion of what I think you're asking

  3. docbop

    Focus on what? Some composers will say their music is just be taken in at a basic level, not requiring education, focus to understand. Some music requires time to acquire a taste for. For me it took years to get into Free Jazz as taste and understanding in Jazz grew it eventually led me to Free Jazz and then I was able to "get" it and listen to entire pieces. IMO it's hard to focus on things your ears aren't ready for.

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  4. washabaugh

    I'm have trouble keeping my mind from wandering to work projects, grocery lists, etc.... about 3 minutes in to a 8 minute Peter Bernstein solo(arbitrary example).

    I see two options:
    1. Put blame on Peter Bernstein for not keeping my attention(very unlikely...bad choice)
    2. Figure out how to clear my mind of those things and stay mindful of the moment I'm in.

    I feel like meditation practice would be helpful...but I have no experience with meditation and don't know where to start. Seems a hard thing to teach yourself. Wondering if any of you all have experience with this or suffer from the same there something that is musician specific?

    Thanks for the time,

  5. guitar1025

    Well, I'm sure you could find books or even just info on forums about the beginnings of meditation. That may be a good starting point.

  6. smoke



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