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  1. Azraelwave

  2. Peinacabras

    Hi Azraelwave,

    Take a look to this interview: http://www.downbeat.com/digitaledition/2013/DB201307/_art/DB201307.pdf

  3. aramaya

    That's a great interview kurt! Really interesting to hear you open
    up on some of this. For those of you interested in such things
    here are a couple of interesting reads on symbolic aspects
    of jupiter.

    there are specific references to "the star of jupiter" in this one:
    read the footnotes for source material...
    tzedek (reference to jupiter in hebrew)

    here is a diagram of a recent event relating to jupiter.
    this is interesting bc in hermetic mysticism jupiter is represented
    by the square. if you expand the object 3 dimensionally it can
    become a pyramid (another symbol of jupiter), or a six pointed object
    denoting the dimensions of the cube of space (above, below, north, east, west, south).
    If you have studied hermetic or jewish mysticism, there is also a reference
    here to the book of formation (ascribed to Abraham).


    "A Grand Cross is a rare astrological event and augurs a time of incredible energy and potential. It is both destructive and creative: it destroys to clear a path for the new to be born. A Grand Cross always corresponds to a specific astrological quality and this is a Cardinal Cross, meaning that its energy is that of new beginnings. It is here not to preserve what exists or to bridge the gap between the present and the future. No, it is here to manifest the future right now, leaving nothing of the old in its wake."



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