Crossroads Guitar Fest 2013

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  1. contremisart

    Hey people,

    Have you seen the list... Kurt, Scofield, Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck on the same stage. Clapton has a taste..
    But it is so heartbreaking that I won't be able to make it.

  2. Chris


    This is epic.

  3. washabaugh

    Looks fun...but we all know Trey Anastasio owns the Garden.

  4. thedwork

    that's absolutely fantastic!

    one thing i've always wondered though: one guy who i think would be a no-brainer to invite and want to be at these festivals (and i'm pretty sure has never played at one) is the great Robben Ford. i guess it just never works out schedule-wise? considering the blues/blues-rock emphasis at these things (it's a Clapton event after all...), w/ a scattering of jazz guitarists here and there, in my mind Ford is thee perfect artist to be at these festivities every time. i wish he was...

    i hope Kurt and Allan Holdsworth get to play w/ each other :)

  5. fakejake

    i hope clapton and kurt will get to play together. i'd love to see kurt play some british blues!!

  6. StefBss

    Wow great line up ...
    Finally there will be jazz and fusion at the crossroad ...not to be missed!!

  7. smoke

    Amazing. Serious gratz to Kurt. Yeah, seeing Kurt and Allan play together would be sick. They could play Inner Urge for about 3 hours.


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