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  1. NAS

    Anders, do you know if Kurt will be coming to the Philadelphia area. So far the closest he coming to me is NYC. Would be awesome to see him there again (caught him at the Vanguard last Sept) but those dates are hard for me to get there. Im hoping he comes to Philly!!! Thanks for your time!

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey NAS - we'll keep trying to bring Kurt back to's his hometown after all. ;-)

  3. nateroberts

    Any chance of Kurt coming to Detroit? We'd love to have him out this way!

    - nate

  4. InWalked

    Pittsburgh? Used to be a great jazz hub but now is culturally bereft.

  5. carlescountry

    And for the European Tour: Barcelona, Spain?.....

  6. Portland Oregon!!! Kurt rarely comes to the west coast and when he does he usually only makes it to California. There's places to play in both Seattle and Portland.

  7. lollygirl

    What about would be wonderful to see you play again.

  8. denjz

    Oh geez...Jerusalem,Israel!

  9. natjanoff

    Can anyone tell me if Kurt will be playing at The Fordham Jazz it up Series, in the Bronx ? Amy info would be


    Nat Janoff


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