D´Angelico NYSS3b - Where to buy?

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  1. lucapusch

    Hey folks!

    I´m interested in the D´Angelico NYSS-3b. (I´m talking about the Vestax ones, manufactured in Japan)
    On the homepage of D´Angelico ( http://dangelico.vestax.com/contact/ ) I saw that there is a French distributor, which would be quite nice for me as I live in Germany. But the link to the French page doesn´t work. Anyway, do you know if there´s actually a shop in France or at least in Europe or is there any other possibility to buy a Vestax D´Angelico?

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!

    Luca Pusch

  2. fakejake

    Have you checked http://www.fine-instruments.net/ yet? Seems to be the exclusive D'Angelico dealer in Germany, but I don't know whether their models are the Vestax ones.
    Grüße, fakejake

  3. carlescountry

    Poblem of rights for the brand, currently D'Angelico Vestax are only for the Japanese market. Today there is no european distributor.
    You can order them to Japan:



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