D'Andrea Pro Plec Standard 351

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  1. mrzzajjazz

    Hey guys!

    I finally found som picks that I really like, the D'Andrea Pro Plec Standard 351. I ordered some from banzaimusic last summer, but when I tried to place a larger order they could'nt deliver it. I waited for 6 months and eventually just gave up and got a refund. Does anyone know where to get these picks? I tried a lot of online U.S stores, but they don't seem to ship to Europe.
    Any suggestions anyone?



  2. Do you have a friend in the states who can order them and send them to you?

  3. jorgemg1984


    Here! Mark is a great guy, I had a problerm with my order (didn't arrived) and he just sent me a new pack. The only issue is tou have to buy 20... I also ordered from him two years ago and evrything went great. Oh you have to pay extra 3.50£ to outside UK shipping, he will send you an e-mail after the order to pay the extra fee.

    Banzai is a pain in the ass - they seem to always be out of stock of everything. I had several problems with them in the past - although I have ordered Pro Plecs from them and had no problems.

    These are the best picks you will ever try,

  4. mrzzajjazz

    jorgemg1984- that sounds great! thank you very much! I'll certainly check out your link :)
    And buying 20 is no issue, these picks are the best I've tried for sure.. I've only got one left from my previous order now, so I'll soon gonna need a new supply.

    thanks again,


  5. jorgemg1984

    That's the only store in Europe I know that sells those picks (apart from Banzai). Tell me how it all went! :)

  6. guitar1025

    I own some of these picks. I like everything about them except for how round the tips are. I feel like the ideal pick for me would be a pick with the thickness and material of the D'Andreas combined with the size and shape of a Jazz III. Does anyone out there know of something like this (other than a Red Bear that I'd have to shell out $20 bucks for and PRAY I don't lose it)?


  7. jorgemg1984


    There you can see lots of Pro Plec sizes and shapes - maybe some of those can fit you?

    One of the reasons I don't buy expensive picks is that I am sure I will loose them sooner or later.

  8. guitar1025

    I've tried most of these. The 310 is just too small. The 330 is probably the closet but it's a hair too small and it still has that rounded tip.

    One of these days I may break down and buy a couple of red bears. I just get physically sick if I think about losing a $20 guitar pick!!!

  9. jorgemg1984

    Good luck with that - I would be so pissed to loose one of those (which I am positive I would after some months) :)

  10. guitar1025

    It takes me no time at all to lose a pick which is why I own probably thousands of them. I can be practicing, get up to get some water or use the bathroom, come back and it's gone; have no idea what I did without.

    On a related note, I don't know if you or anyone else out there has made this discovery but I've found a very good use for that tiny fifth pocket on a standard pair of jeans. I always keep three or four picks in there. You never know when you'll need them!!

  11. jorgemg1984

    How I understand you, I am ALWAYS loosing picks... even inside my small practicing room. I have spare picks on my wallet, guitar bags and my gear bag.

  12. guitar1025

    Yup, always keep a container of picks in each gig bag!!!

  13. arewolfe

    That 5th pocket is crucial. I have been known to misplace two or three picks in a matter of half an hour without even getting out of my seat.

  14. guitar1025

    Has anyone else out there used these before?


    These are one of a few types of picks I find myself always coming back to. They have a good tone and feel to them (I use the xtra heavy 1.5). They're a hair bigger than the jazz III.

  15. gleepglop

    These are my favorite:


    Aside from the awesome factor, they have a slight upwards curve to them that makes them more comfortable to hold than standard celluloid picks.


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