D'Angelico Ex-SS

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  1. sortell

  2. I've heard the korean ones are o.k. but no where near vestax quality. the vestax guitars sell for 2500-3000 when you can find one for sale, I think it's worth spending the extra cash if you plan to have the instrument for a long time.

  3. gleepglop

    I have an older EX-DC, which I like a lot, though I didn't like the stock pickups and switched out the neck pickup.
    It's pretty heavy, that's my biggest complaint. I played one of the new EX-SS guitars, and they are much much lighter. It sounded good, too, more "airy" and hollow-body tone to it. They are quite a bit more money, I paid $900 for mine and the EX-SS is around $1700 I think?

    I've also played one of the Vestax ones--they are pretty amazing.

  4. sortell

    gleepglop , Thanks for the Info.
    Unfortunately, you can not buy Vestax made D'Angelico in the US anymore. They are still available in Japan.

  5. there is a vestax nyss-3b on ebay right now, although the guy is asking too much......4500

  6. sortell

    Mmmmm..... Maybe Kurt can sell me one of his ? Kurt ?

  7. andyjazz

    Interesting! I have a Vestax NYSS 3B, which has a slightly different body shape, which I bought a few years ago in London. It has a more rounded cutaway, than Kurt's and the one on ebay. Kurt's one is a lot lighter than mine. Mine weighs like a Les Paul. The interesting thing is that Vestax, as far as I can tell, must have changed the body shape slightly. The Excel ones have the body shape like Kurts, but the Vestax ones haven't for some time.

  8. I also have the same NYSS 3B (from 2007) which has a slightly different body shape...
    Andyjazz did you try the another one?Wich are the differences regarding the sound?

  9. andyjazz

    yeah. i tried the excel, but didn't really like it soundwise, way too thin. clean through a fender twin sounded pretty bad to my ears, it probably had more to do with the pickups though. i think its probably a good guitar for the money because in that price range, you could afford to put a better pickup in it if you bought one.


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