D'angelico NYSS-3 for sale

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  1. guitarua

    Let me know if you are interested. Everyone on here knows what this is.

    This is Japanese made D'Angelico NYSS-3. Very hard to find since the legal issues arose and they aren't sold in the US anymore, and on a different level of quality and workmanship than it's Korean namesake. Search youtube for Kurt Rosenwinkel if you want to see one in action, it was/has been his main axe for years. It has a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover in the Neck and a 70's Ibanez Super 58 in the bridge (for more modern Scofield tones). I have the other Seth Lover neck pickup, and the original Kent Armstrongs that came with the guitar. I can have the Seth Lover reinstalled if you'd like, but I will need to pass that on to the buyer, as I am NOT putting it in myself. I'd like to keep the Super 58 if you opt for the Seth, but everything is negotiable.

    I have tried to take pics of any wear on the guitar. There is some finish cracking where the rosewood inlay on the back of the headstock meets the neck. I had it inspected by my luthier and he assures me it's only a finish issue, and does not effect the neck stability.

    Feel free to shoot me questions via email or PM.



  2. sandman

    what's your asking price, and where are you located?

  3. sandman

  4. guitarua

    I replied sandman, and sorry about the post. It was posted on another forum as well and I just copied and pasted it here. I know you guys know Kurt plays this guitar, lol.

  5. kdngtr

    So are you still selling the nyss-3?


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