D'Angelico NYSS-3B 2004 RARE Semi Hollow body Guitar

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  1. guitarwalton

    Not to be confused with the Excel SS model, this is one of the most sought after semi-hollow guitars of its kind. The now discontinued NYSS -3B is one serious guitar. If you're checking out this guitar, chances are you know all about it and the players who continue to use it including Kurt Rosenwinkel.
    This is by far the most collectible of all the D'Angelicos.

    The guitar plays effortlessly, with very low action, and a medium, comfortable C-shaped neck profile. The highly polished medium frets are perfectly level, making bends easy and sustain outstanding - even acoustically. The guitar offers an outstanding jazz tone when played clean - reminiscent of a much larger bodied archtop with classic spruce "pop." When overdriven with distortion, the guitar also nails a beautiful blues tone, with just the right amount of midrange, very well balanced with great note separation and sustain. The taper of the pots is smooth and very well graduated, making them a useful tool - not just for decoration. The humbuckers are also set up to split, so the guitar can cop some sweet single coil BB King esque "Live at the Regal" tones with a bit of overdrive, or Grant Green P-90ish jazz tones. This guitar is extremely versatile, and is an excellent choice if you want warm & fat archtop sounds for jazz in addition to blooming, sustaining, & singing tones for blues in the same axe.

    Specs are as follows:

    Neck Specifications
    Selected Maple, White neck binding
    24" 3/4 scale Ebony fingerboard, 22frets
    Pearl Zig zag position marker
    14┬░pitch peghead with pearl "D'Angelico"
    and "New Yorker"
    inlays, multiple black and white binding

    Body Specifications

    Small sized original "New Yorker" style body (14" 1/2) with center block
    Solid spruce top
    5 ply flame maple back and rims
    F sound holes with white and black binding

    Electrical / Hardware Specifications

    Grover Imperial type machine head
    Original dual coiled Kent Armstrong pickups
    Controls : 1 PU selector, 2 volumes, 2 tone
    Output : 1/4 phone jack mounted on the rim
    Adjustable "tune O-matic" type brass bridge
    Original "New Yorker" style brass trapeze tailpiece
    Original "New Yorker" style pickguard with black and white binding

    This guitar is one of the last to come from the Vestax era made DA,s. This guitar is in excellent used condition especially give that its over 10 years old. There is some slight discoloration on the neck pickup and bridge but are purely cosmetic. There is very little ware on the guitar and there are no scratches or dings on the body. Includes original faux alligator skin case. There are definitely some smudges and dings on the case but it is still in great working order. I hate to part with this beautiful instrument but its time for a new home. $3000 OBO

    serious inquiries may be sent to: [email protected]

  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    nice post, makes me want it too.

  3. MLeJazz

    Pictures ?

  4. guitarwalton

    Photos available via link: http://denver.craigslist.org/msg/4540556432.html

  5. Gesture

    That's a sick guitar man. If it's still available I'll consider buying it. Can you ship it to europe?

  6. animitta

    I bought this one (new) directly from Masaky Nishimura, some months ago. He is a super nice guy and he did a perfect setting for my guitar!



    As you probably know,Masaky , he is the one who is building the new "Butter" Westville that Kurt is playing recently. That seems to be another great guitar.

    Anyway, i will never sell mine D'Angelico ;)

    Sorry for the useless post



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