Dear Kurt, Is playing music a spiritual experience for you?

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  1. piggyfly0000

    Hi all,

    I'm a premed student, and I've been interested in searching for a scientific approach that bridges the metaphysical and physical world. I found this article on neurotheology here:

    He starts talking about people who speak in tongues around 5:30, and explains how brain scans show a decrease in activity in the frontal lobe, which suggests that they are shutting down the concentration portion of the brain allowing them to be overcome by an overwhelming spiritual feeling.

    I remember watching a youtube video of you talking about how playing music is like waiting for "music" to swoop down and take you for a ride. I think this was when you were on Mezzo. I was wondering if you would be willing to talk about this feeling because I find this to be a fascinating topic worth studying.

    (BTW there's a good TED video on how your brain changes when you improvise)


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