Deep Song

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  1. steepcreeks

  2. kutu

    I am also desperately searching for a chart/lead sheet for Deep Song. Has anyone come across it on a fake book?

    One thing's for sure, Kurt has it and maybe...

  3. jorgemg1984

    Why dont you transcribe it?

  4. kutu

    The old trusty "why dont you transcribe it?"...

    I think the answer isn't that simple. Transcribing is, of course, a great practice for musical education but so many reasons can be listed to explain why some people need well-written transcriptions. To be short and to the point, I will just say that novice players'/arrangers' ears have a tendency to hear the positions or shapes which they are comfortable with. That's why, a correct transcription of a specific arrangement provides a challenging and entertaining educational material.

    I assure you I will share it (by legal means) when I have my own transcription and the courage to share it.

  5. steepcreeks

    Yeah, what Kutu said, I can get through it but feel I'm generalizing things. Would love an accurate notation of the chords (melody is obviously pretty easy here), whatever is legal. BTW - Check out Billy Holiday singing this if you have not already, WOW!

  6. arewolfe

    I started transcribing Kurt's guitar arrangement in 2005. I think I got about 12 bars in and never continued. Gorgeous stuff though.

  7. eSkills

    Well, all Kurt plays is basically a pure transcription of the Billie Holiday version - arranged for guitar.

  8. animitta

    @eSkills you are right:

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Videos

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Videos

    I love both : )

    Kurt said that when he wants to play a "new standard" he try his best to listen to many different versions and also he learn the words of the tune.

    All the Best

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  9. riverstooge

    Here are the chords I came up with, more so based on my Billie Holiday cd....

    Intro: Bb-9 Bb(maj7) C-11/ Dbmaj7 Eb-7/ C7aug F7b9/ Bb-6 Eb-9 D7alt

    A section: Bb-6 C-7(b5)/Db6 Eb-7/ Bb-7 C-7(b5)/ (Db6) F7aug/ F-7(b5)/ Bb7(b9)/ 1.Eb-7(b5)/ F9 2. Eb-7(b5)/C7 F7b9/

    B section: Bb-6 C-7(b5)/repeat/repeat/repeat/Dbmaj7 F7aug///Bb-6 C-7b5/Bb-6 C-7b5/Bb-6 F7/Bb-6 (C-7b5)

    C section: Eb-7 Ab7/Dbmaj7/ Eb-7 Ab7 / Dbmaj7/ G-7b5 C7/ F- F-maj7 F-7/ Eb- Eb-(maj7) Eb-7/C7 F7

    D section: Bb-6 C-7b5/repeat/repeat/ F7 C7 B7(b5)

    E section: Bb-7 Ab7/ Dbmaj7 C-7b5/F#7 F7/ Bb-6 F7 Bb-6 F7/Eb-9 rubato/ Bb-6//



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