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Delay Exp Pedal Noob:) (Strymon El Cap Settings)

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  1. steepcreeks

    Maybe some of you who use an expression pedal with your delay can help me with this. I currently am using a reverb pedal(Holy Grail) and delay(wampler) in my chain and love the overall sound that I have. Just started using them about a month ago and things are great. The delay is set very minimal(repeats and saturation) so that when playing fast it doesn't get muddy but seems to seems to help sustain and also is subtly noticeable with chords over ballads. Not sure if I'm describing it accurately but friends and reg listeners have all picked up on it and are digging:) At home in practice I've set the controls for more repeats so that the sounds can mature and develop. Some really cool effects especially on ballads, Over the Rainbow, Stella, Stairway 2 the Stars, etc. Wanting to have the option of this on tunes that are faster but then maybe hit one particular chord/sound that remains before moving onto another section gave me the desire to add an exp pd. Wanting to add effect in places on Footprints, Yesterdays, Windows, Alone Together, etc. where sounds develop, then roll back pedal before running changes. Seems pretty basic

    Just curious what effect folks are really going for when you are using the expression pedal. Sustain? Maybe the sound the pedal creates as the repeats continue thus "shaping" the sound? How much do you saturate your sound with this effect? Is this the only delay pedal you have in your chain? I remember Kurt for a while using two delay pedals(Memory Lane & Line 6 DL4).

    So I purchased the El Capistan from Strymon since it has the option of connecting an expression pedal. I assume the parameter I should be controlling on the delay pedal is the # of delays right? On the El Cap you can set it it to any parameter, but # of repeats seems the most logical. Maybe I need to experiment w/ setting it to control the amount of saturation? hmm.
    Maybe I should assign the Exp Pd to control the amount of saturation in the overall signal?

    Thanks for any feedback. Just thought it would be a no brainer.

    P.S. - If anyone here uses the El Cap maybe you could share some of your knob settings (primary and secondary) Thanks. ..Think mine is something like..
    Tape Head - Single
    Mode - C (?)
    Wow & Flutter - 0%
    Delay Speed - 50ish%
    Repeats - I have this set to like 80% - but the exp ped control this, so with e.p. all the way down it's 80% decreasing as wanted.
    Mix - 40% - probably too much but have it set higher to wrap head around what is good and bad with the effect settings
    Tape Age - pretty high, maybe even 80-100%
    Unfortunately I haven't really gotten to deep into the "hidden" knobs - Crinkle, Tape Bias, Low End Contour, +/-3dB Boost/Cut
    Did experiment w/ the "hidden" reverb but didn't care for it too much as compared to my regular rev. pedal.

  2. JorgeRubiales

    If you use the delay as a "sustainer", the yes, you should link your expression to the repetitions.


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