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  1. thelonious77

    Hey cats
    Anyone can help me find a good setting for the DL4. I know a lot of good sounding modern jazz guit players are using delays but I can't seem to find a setting that fit's the style.
    Thanks for all replies.

  2. cruxtable

    i still have a lot of messing around with mine to do, as well...for a basic delay sound, without too much interference,just a light effect, i like the dynamic delay..don't remember the exact settings, but the delay time is probably around a second, with the repeat on so you only hear it once or twice. it's nice because you don't hear it when you're playing, so it can't muddle up what you're doing..just as an after effect.`

  3. thelonious77

    Thanks for the advice; gimme more !!
    delays are tricky.
    ... see ya around paul


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