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Delay with Expression Pedal Use

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  1. Basile865

    I was trying to figure out how/why kurt uses the expression pedals today...I finally found an article where he stated that with the Eventide he can blend the amount of delay into the signal and that if he holds it down all the way it will hold the chord out so he can then play another chord and create an extended voicing. I basically see it like a sustain pedal on a piano.

    Now heres the thing, I'd love to get a setup like that - basically an expression pedal where you can blend a delay/sustain into the signal - but I doubt I'd ever drop 400 on the eventide. I think its one of those situations where I'd be buying a really extensive effect just for one use of it. Does anything else out there do that for cheaper? Thanks

  2. i wondered along time ago why there werent expression pedals connected to the reverb of an amp.
    set at 100% or what ever yet off if pedal isnt depressed

  3. add4

    I'm a bit confused about this.
    I have the Eventide, and while it has a switch that holds whatver is in the delay infinitely while bypassing while you're playing at the time, i have never been able to do that particular effect with the expression pedal, since the evendie will always 'listen' to new things you play.
    This particular holding effect is also on the electro harmonix Hog, it's called the freeze and there it can be controlled with the expression pedal. i think that's what Kurt does these days. But again it's dropping 400 for one effect.
    But electro harmonix released the freeze effect as a single pedal a few months ago, so if you go for that, you will have that effect for 100 bucks.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Basile865

    Thanks add,

    I was aware of the freeze but I really wanted something I could manipulate with an expression pedal to vary how much wet signal I blend in. But it might just have to do.

    @floatingbridge I dont think itd be that far fetched to have an expression pedal thats connected to a mechanical long cable with a metal grabber at the end. You could just connect it onto the reverb knob, or even the volume knob. No batteries. That would be cool!

  5. balowski

    I thinking about buying the line 6 dl4. T´is cheaper than the eventide.

    Can anyone with me opinions about it...or opinions about another model of delay with expreion pedal?

    Thanks a lot.

  6. add4

    The freeze allows you to control the level of the freezed signal, but not with an expression pedal.
    If find the sound of the hold function of the timefactor to be contaminated with rythmic artefacts that are subtle, but annoying.
    Balowsy , i think you should read the other forum thread about the choice of a delay pedal.
    To my ears, the DL-4 sound great, much bassier and muddier than the timefactor though. both are great delay pedals, the timefactor has mode possibilities, and thus it takes more time to tweak it to your liking.

  7. Pascau

    Take a look at:

    Nice pedals, and a bit cheaper than the Eventides. Still expensive, but they sound great. I have the El Cap, but haven't bought an expression pedal for it yet.

  8. JorgeRubiales

    balowski, the line6 pretty much dies unexpectedly. It seems that at some point in time the quality dropped, so the best ones I think are the old metal casing ones.

  9. I have the Line 6
    and the Hog

    The line 6 is can set the expression to do ANYTHING!! You set the toe-up and toe-down yourself...Its great...a bit complex in the set-up but amazing once achieved. I use it to be 100% no-delay with heel down, and much delay toe-down. The trickiest part of that pedal, to me, is that you can have the effect of the delay be 100% of the sound, with NO initial playing being included, JUST the delay(s). .... .That has never been a desire of mine and is a control-knob function....a little strange!!
    Still finding the delay-sound-of-choice is the everlasting battle.
    In life.

    The HOG freeze function is interesting...Its hold is as long as you keep your foot down on the expression pedal. The sound that the hog puts out for the processed-effect-sound is a bit more processed and un-natural than any other pedal I've heard or had. The LEVEL of the held-out sound AND the level of the original signal can BOTH be adjusted...I dig a lesser hold with the maximum original sound...
    BUMMER WITH THE HOG - it is a quieter pedal when its on...Its overall output is NEVER as loud as whe it is turned off....annoying....AND when the levers are all the way up they distort...some of them.

    I've seen kurt use both. Not really at the same time, I don't think. He used the HOG to play organ-like attack-less background chords behind the bass during his group with Andrew D'Angelo in Ugly Beauty ([email protected] AMAZING I might add)....the freeze function can be 100% of the sound, so you can hold a frozen chord, prep and strum another chord, hit the expression, and the result is that there is no attack and/or silence between the 2 chords, including what you played on the guitar in-between messing with the pedal...perhaps difficult to explain...but he did that....As far as I know, his use of the expression pedal with the Line 6 has been more subtle live than on the recording. His foot is always on the expression, moving slightly...a lot....perhaps his recording mind is a little more picky or controlling/controlled than his live mind...??

    Also, I can never tell what his expression is hooked up to...i've seen him with a MAASSSIIIIIVVEEE pedal setup (a few times) with several expression pedals....multiple delays... and the hog...and the rat...and the tuner...and a few lehle's..and the dishwasher....and the automatic remote car starter....and the lawn mower...
    I have yet to figure out his sound....It is freakin' awesome


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