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  1. jazzbum

    So I've been resisting effects for a long time (for whatever reason) but I feel like I really need to start experimenting. I'm looking for a good reverb and delay for under $100 preferably very cheap. I'm not necessarily interested in something I can gig with so it doesn't have to be durable. I really like the way Kurt uses the expression pedal for his delay, somehow it reminds me of the sustain pedal on a piano. So, I was thinking of investing in one of those cheap-o multi effects units (with pedal attached). I'm unsure though, because I have had bad experience with those, and found it frustrating that it was very difficult to manipulate the effects outside of the preset options. Any ideas, for this po' musician?

  2. eSkills

    IMO: If you are gonna buy effects, just buy quality right away, eventhough it may cost you, it's better than to have some cheap plastic pedal effect box that you are not gonna be able to resell without losing 70% of what you bought it for. Now I'm not saying you have to use thousands of dollars, but rather than buying a multieffects processor that does 20 things pretty bad, use a little less money on something that does one/or few job(s) and does it well.

  3. Sandemose

    jazzbum: long time no see. Ive missed our conversations. Glad to have you back. Im a n00b on guitareffects, I feel often saitisfied with little or no fancy gear at all.

    This is what I use for Reverb: (thats EURO and POUNDs, dont know how much i U.S dollars that is).

    This is what I use for Delay: (these can be found much cheaper used. I think they sound good, not as good as topnotch stuff of course, but better than decent, and really good (IMO) for the price.

    I agree with eSkills. If you buy that cheap multieffect, you will end up not even using it at all I think. I would rather go for one option, just reverb or just delay. You can set the delay that it behaves more like a reverb by the way.

    Good luck, and again, Im very glad to see you around again Jazzbum.

    Best and warmest regards,


  4. denjz

    I just bought a Holy Grail Nano Reverb for about a 100 bucks and it sounds really good.

    I agree with eSkills ans Sandemose - it's better to buy each effect separately,this way you get the sound you're looking for.

    Also,you might want to use software to learn more about using effects and decide what exactly you're looking for.Here's a link to the demo version of Guitar Rig,but there are many others on the market,just google "guitar effects software".

  5. hitdoggie

    I'd like to second the notion to buy quality gear now, and not put it off.

    Sometimes you will find something that is a diamond in the rough. For instance, I have used this cheap danelectro pedal that is a decent knock of the the Foxx Tone machine, but more often than not you get what you pay for.

    I use a DL4. It isn't the greatest delay I have tried, and getting the expression pedal configured the right way took some practice, but it does have many decent sounding delays. I used it back in the day more so for it's loop function, but one of the switches has since broke.

    For reverb I use an Alesis Nanoverb. Again, not the greatest reverb, but had at a decent price. I also have one of those Line 6 Reverb boxes on my board...not a huge fan of it. I think all these effects color my sound a little to much for my liking.

  6. jazzbum

    Thanks for the input everyone! You've all convinced me. I will definitely start saving for some quality gear, 1st on the list is a delay. denjz- the software idea is great, I just want to learn some basic stuff now, kind of figure out what sounds good to my ears. I just really started to realize how effects can make the guitar so much more expressive. Sandemose - its been great to read your posts on here as well. Glad to see your still kickin.' :-)

  7. michaeld

    I have a T.C. Electronic Nova Reverb (what Kurt uses) I am selling for a great price. It is in mint condition; only used in 4 gigs.

  8. Poparad

    I use an old Boss DD-5 for delay/reverb (DD-7 is the new model). You can get the DD-3 model, which is a pretty basic design, for really cheap. Plus Boss stuff is super durable. Basically what I use the DD-5 for (which is what it sounds like you want to do), I could do on a DD-3.

  9. balowski

    Can anyone tell me his opinion about Alesis Nanoverb? I´m just about to buy a used one. 75 euros. I´m not really into this kind of devices. But I think its time to learn.

    I was thinking about to buy the TC electronics...

    Which one do you guys prefer??


  10. david6strings

    i want to get the Nova reverb and the TRex Replica but i looking for other option still. what i´m worried about is to learn how delay and reverb affects each other when they are working together. any advices or information in the internet? if you know about a video tutorial or something like that i´ll be happy to know. it´s just i am one of these people who thought gear is not important and i am realising my mistake now. i have checked the Glab dr-2 dual reverb and its not bad and cheaper

  11. jorgemg1984

    I had this problem some months and investigated a lot of options for reverb and delay and I can say Hardwire RV7 for reverb and TC Electronics Nova Repeater for delay are excellent options and quite cheap both. About mixing delay and reverb a lot of people say you cant do it but a lot of the pros use both so its doable - put delay and then reverb and dont use the delay as a reverb but as a short delay so they dont get in the way of each other.

  12. JorgeRubiales

    For short analog delay, the behringer vd400 (really). I like when you really don't hear the effect, but you notice it's missing when you turn it off.

    And for reverb, I haven't tried a lot, but if anyone knows a cheap one that compares to the tube t-rex one...let me know (that one is awesome)

  13. Basile865

    I tried a used Boss DD-3 the other day - selling for about 60 bucks I think. It was just OK, it was a little cold sounding and more importantly - it couldnt be controlled with an expression pedal - so the delays started to get to be too much, overlapping kind of thing. I found it hard to get it to complement the sound more then hinder it. Then again thats just me, but to get usage out of it more like KR, I think you need to have the expression pedal so you can add a little delay here and there depending on what the phrase could benefit from, rather then having a static, set amount of delay on everything. The one I'd really like to try is the electro harmonix memory boy - its about $120 but I think its the cheapest one that allows you to plug in the expression pedal.

  14. david6strings

    clean guitar+reverb for basic sound and sparkle drive + delay + reverb for some kind of solos. jorgemg1984 you say reverb after the delay in the chain dont you? well i have to do a lot of tests working with amps with fx loop and using serie setup

  15. JorgeRubiales

    yes, the delay works better before the reverb, and if you can, use them in the fx loop. But if your amp doesn't have one, then it's ok to try them before the preamp

  16. jorgemg1984

    Yes I prefer the delay before the reverb and I guess most people use it that way - but try also reverb and then delay and see what you like the best. I know a lot of people swear by fx loop - in fact only one of my amps has it and I dont notice a huge difference between using the fx loop or the input channel, but I use a Lehle Paralel L in my pedals chain...

  17. david6strings

    finally i have bought the hardwire rv 7 stereo reverb in thomann and the next month the line 6 delay and maybe the joemeek compressor

  18. JorgeRubiales

    I would stay away from the line6, it tends to fail....but if you like it go for it ;) The hardwire series has a good reputation, send a video when it arrives!

  19. Benny

    Check the new TC Electronic 'Toneprint' range of pedals - the Flashback delay and Hall of Fame reverb are getting a lot of great reviews on the guitar forums. Priced around the $150 mark.

    My current favourite delay is the Malekko 616 ($150 dollars). Compact, quality analog delay.

  20. jorgemg1984

    Nova Repeater if you dont kneed the expression pedal!

  21. david6strings

    i have the hardwire in my hands right now i have to say is a very good pedal for the money it cost. i have to say too that the nova reverb sounds better for me for the very begining. but i sucks at effects so i have still to learn to setup the hardwire properly its just a first impression that i have to share with u. by the way i have sold a couple of pedals today so have money to spend, and finally i think im going for the t rex replica delay. when i complete my wished gear im going to write a book "how to never become a rich man"

  22. jorgemg1984

    Try the hall setting, the hardwire is not a great spring reverb pedal, the hall is really amazing (lexicon). For the price of the Replica buy a Nova System and you get a whole package of great effects...

  23. david6strings

    exactly as you said, the hall preset is fine, i like the plate preset too

  24. tkosm

    Could somebody please write the chain combining reverb and delay. I mean is it guitar- reverb - delay- expression pedal-amp? My apologies if my question seems a bit weird but i do not get it clearly. Thank you.

  25. jorgemg1984

    Delay first then reverb... expression pedal is usually connected to the delay pedal and it acts as part of it on the chain


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