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  1. thelonious77

    Hey cats I need some more advices on how to set up a delay ped ( I have a DL4) . i ve been tweeking it for a while but can't seem to find the right setting for a modern jazz sound.
    Thanks .

  2. kenton

    You don't want to have a lot of echo. I think the idea is just to widen the tone. I read somewhere pat metheny keeps his delay at 14 or 26 milliseconds. You should make sure you are picking near the neck pickup and are playing legato as possible because no matter the effects you they won't help if your technique is flawed. try boosting your midrange. those are my suggestions.

    I play a mxr carbon copy delay and just keep every thing set to the equivelent of 3 out of 10 .

  3. thelonious77

    mmm, thanks very interesting.....
    one more question
    what do you mean by plying as legato as possible?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. kenton

    try to let the notes ring as long as possible before you play the next one. I used to struggle with my tone as well, I found that one of the biggest issues was I would lift my fingers off as soon as I played a note. This made the notes really short (sounded like a country player). I started trying to let the notes ring as long as possible and it has helped immensely. Basically don't lift your fingers off unless you need to and use a lot of hammer ons and pull offs.


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