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  1. add4

    I just stumbled upon that band and thought some of you would like that .. i have to find some recordings of them!
    That guy plays with the magic malik orchestra which is a great band of modern jazz in france, and the cd is recorded with the drummer and bass player of Octurn which is one of the best hip group on the belgian scene.

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    just wanted to share that ..
    hope you enjoy

  2. Quintricacy

    Great stuff. I know Chander pretty well and my dad has a band with him, he's a killer!

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  3. add4

    Really? that's funny, some years ago, i was at almost all Octurn and magic malik orchestra concerts i could attend .. he's been one of my fave drummer for a looooong time, with stephane Galland.
    Are you from Belgium/France then? he's living there i think


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