Digitech Hardwire RV 7 issue

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  1. LeonardoB

    Hi to all.
    Lately I purchased an used Hardwire RV 7 which I had previously tried in a shop and definitely dug; the ebay selller has 100% positive feedbacks so I kind of trust him when he writes me that he hasn't ever had any noise problem with it (powering it with a Pedal Power 2+ by Voodoo Labs).
    But I do; I experience an audible noise which is there already when the pedal is bypassed, and gets even stronger with the pedal turned on.
    Ok so I thought It might be a powering issue; I'm powering it with a Visual Sound 1spot (I also tried only with a battery, nothing went better).
    At this point I'd like to know if someone of you who's ever owned such a pedal has ever experienced such a thing.
    At the moment I neither do have a Pedal Power 2+ to check if the noise goes away with it, nor have the Digitech PS200R adapter (designed to power this pedal). I'm considering buying this Digitech power adapter, but why should it be better than my 1spot? The Amperes and the Voltage are ok also with the 1spot, according to the pedal's user's manual.

    Help, please.


  2. add4

    the power supply could definately be the cause of the problem.... it is known to be the reason for some noise/humming issues.
    I've seen a holy grail reverb do a huge amount of noise because the amperage was too low (does your power supply REALLY deliver what it says it delivers) or not. these digital processors sucks a lot of power.
    the cheapest and quickest way to try that would be to try with an accumulator, if the hardwire serie allow them.
    good luck

  3. Basile865

    Just some basic things to check:

    First - make sure you're only running this pedal in your chain. If you're running multiple pedals - take them out so you can reduce the chances of it being some other connection.

    Second - try different cables. I had a bad jumper cable causing a lot of noise for me once and it took me forever to realize that was the problem. Make sure to use good quality cable. Twist them in the jack while everything is on and connected to make sure of no big crackling or pops.

    Try running your amp through a different wall outlet. Some grounding issues can cause a lot of noise - or if another device is plugged in to the same outlet and on that can cause unwanted noise.

    As add4 mentioned - make sure you're using the proper power supply. Although I use a 1 spot to power my hardwire tuner without issue.

    Make sure your guitar itself isn't causing the noise from it's jack.

    Those are the only things I can guess off the top of my head

  4. LeonardoB

    Ok , so I tried the pedal alone both with batteries and with the proper Digitech PS200R power supply, still that crackling noise.
    Cables are definitely ok, I have a Vovox and a Fender one, tried with different ones but it didn't help;
    so now I'm considering calling the Digitech support for my area.
    Still, I don't understand how could the pedal work just fine with the ebay seller's Pedal Power 2+ and now that I have it there's this noise.
    There are two possibilites, I guess:

    1 The pedal has been damaged while shipping
    2 The pedal had already this problem before, and the seller is fooling me around

    I'm thinking of asking this guy to share the fixing charges, since I received an item which didn't work as said in the description. What do you guys think, what would you do?
    I could try to sell this item saying it works properly and buy another one, but doesn't seem fair to me.


  5. JorgeRubiales

    I guess you already checked the power supply gives the pedal the voltage and amperage needed. If the pedal jacks are well soldered, then you should definitely return the pedal. It doesn't work, so ebay must accept your demand.

  6. bingefeller

    LeonardoB - how long have you had the pedal for? If you've had it longer than a certain amount of time then you might have a problem. If you did have a problem perhaps Digitech would take it back and fix it for you.

  7. LeonardoB

    Hi guys, thanks to a fellow member of this forum I managed to understand the issue.

    I knew modulation effects should be run in the send/return of your amp but since I don't have one I was running this reverb in front of it; well, it seems like with a non-true-bypass pedal before it in the chain, or a true-bypass always on, for that matter, the noise goes away.
    The electrical explanation, as I have understood and partly figured out, might be that modulation pedals kind of pre-amp your signal, that's why they should be linked in the send/return, after your amp's pre.
    Otherwise, if you need to run them in front of it, you may experience noises due to over-amplification; the solution, as I said, might be to have a non-true-bypass (or also a true-bypass, as long as it's on) pedal before it in your signal.

    In fact, I noticed that when I set my RAT on (it's before the Hardwire RV-7 in my chain) the noise goes away. Weird stuff, you might think!

    If you are reading this, than you Florin Kuppers!


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