Do people post sound files to share here?

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  1. TruthHertz

    Please pardon me if this topic has been covered here before, perhaps a direction to the name of a previous post would be helpful for me.
    I was wondering if people post sound clips for others to share with, perhaps a piece of a performance or recording to elicit commentary or discussion from. I'm thinking that on some other forums, there are ways to put up an mp3 to share.
    And if it were something that involved Kurt, whether he'd want to have some editorial input before it was posted.
    I certainly understand any reservations to this kind of thing, so I thought I'd test the waters on this topic. It seems that among people I share a love of music with, sometimes listening to and discussing a performance or recording can give some wonderful insights into what it is we're hearing, and that can lead to new ways of listening.
    Just looking to make the resource of recordings part of a richer experience here...



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