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do you buy cds?

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  1. johnc

    physical cds vs digital...buying cds would probably improve my listening, since there would be more value associated with the cd, and i would be listening to more of one thing at a time, as opposed to streaming or downloading where i have instant access to thousands of cds. but the cds would just take up space when i need to get rid of things if i want to live in a big city like new york. also, i always end up listening to music on my phone or computer anyway, so the physical cd seems redundant. it seems like most pros have cd collections, but i wouldn't know what to do with a bunch of cds that i can just listen to on my phone or computer...what do you do?

  2. Poparad

    For me, space in my apartment started to become an issue when my CD collection kept growing. Now I only buy physical copies of CDs I really, really like (such as Kurt's albums). Pretty much everything else is a digital purchase as having it all in one, small, portable, and easily accessible device is extremely valuable.

  3. jbroad

    i'm in the same camp as poparad. i will buy CD's by artists like wayne shorter, radiohead, bjork, kurt, steely dan/donald fagen, etc... but almost everything else is a digital download. that said, i do have a pretty big CD collection (about 1,500 CD's) but have no more space in my apartment

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. TruthHertz

    I'll always buy CDs even if it means I have to box them to store. I like the full uncompressed audio, and I like the physicality and liner notes. Some artists really put effort into layout, artwork, liner notes. I also think that when they give thanks to people, tell stories of their songs and include documentation beyond the sound itself, it's because that was part of the experience of creating that recording. I feel I should at least be aware of it. CDs also make it easier to share. By the way, maybe I'm a luddite but how does one share things from one ipod to another? Especially uncompressed files?

  5. Poparad

    I really do miss liner notes. I wish all digital downloads came with PDFs of the artwork, or at least artists had the artwork PDFs for free download on their websites (with the music still for purchase).

  6. skiadikt

    still prefer cds.

  7. wommusic
    Key Master

    I have to say that CD's still sound better to my ears - on a good system. I buy the download if I just want to listen casually and/or want it quick, I buy the cd if I know I want to bring it to my car (don't have Mp3 in the car) and/or listen to it more deeply.

  8. smoke

    I have been buying digital music about 99% of the time for years now. I will buy a cd when it either isn't available digitally or when I can get it cheaper used. I will buy stuff that I really love on both versions - like Kurt's Heartcore for example.

    I still have a ton of stuff on disc that I have collected over the last 20 years. Most of it is digitized but a lot is still left including all of my old boxsets and stuff.

    My goal at some point is to digitize it all and move everything to a cloud-based solution and access it through my phone. I just haven't found the time. That is where I am heading though.

    And yeah, like Jeremy I miss liner notes. I often won't know who is on a disc or even the song titles. I miss tracing sidemen and discovering new music like I used to back in my cd collecting phase.

  9. jazzacast55

    I buy cds of stuff I really like, I've even downloaded older discontinued albums for artists then keep my eye out on ebay to pick up the cd, something about the cd and liner notes and pictures that I still love.
    I do download music from cdbaby as mp3 albums, they are cheap and I don't have to wait for it to be shipped but it's not the same, would be great if they included liner notes or the album art with who's playing on the album with the mp3 album downloads, half the time I have no idea who's playing on it.
    I remember my guitar teacher at music school had a cd copy of the next step, one of the first times I had seen a Kurt cd, most other people I knew had it downloaded, I thought it was awesome just seeing the cd version, something a folder on your desktop can never replace.

  10. It's unfortunate that the quality of music has diminished sonically to the point where the majority of the music buying public is not really cognizant of the fact.Some would even argue that vinyl is best for optimum listening experience.While I disagree with that idea(all forms of media communications have inherent flaws,none is perfect)I do believe that digital downloads offers an inferior quality of music than anything else at this point.What you are getting is a very squashed signal,saturated with a great deal of compression subsequently removing the indispensable frequencies that make listening enjoyable.Whatever the case most individuals are not audiophiles and could care less about this factoid.I must admit,because of the high price of cd's I am forced to purchase downloads a good deal of the time.Is it worth arguing about?It depends on how important the legacy of music is to the common listener.


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