Do you guys record at home (Pro Tools) or in the studio?

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  1. JT

    I'm curious how many people actually go into recording studios anymore (besides Kurt!) and just record their projects at home. Especially with Pro Tools 10 about to come out, I have a decision to make. I've spent good money before on a day or two in the studio, but now I'm wondering if it makes sense to finally make the investment get a great Pro Tools rig at home. I know that studios have great mikes and such, but since prices on everything has come down what do you guys think of Pro Tools 10? What about home studio vs. prof studios ?

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  2. Clearly, going somewhere where someone who has spent ( hopefully as much if not more ) time( than you ) on their craft would perhaps produce something better than what one can do dividing their time ( and energies )at home . Conversely, there is something very beautiful about the autonomy afforded to one by the accessibility and high quality coming out and available in the way of home and portable recording technologies. I think it's also relies on the contextual and aesthetic contingencies you place on the recording to answer this question? Are you just using it to make a document of your current playing? Demoing for gigs or potential bandmates to learn? Are you doing scoring and need timecode / scrubby stuff to be really easy to use ? Is this how you want to be remembered - some big landmark artistic statement ? Are you capturing organic instruments- dudes( & ladies ) in a room playing ? Or is it some hifi cinematic metheny utopia ?

  3. cruxtable

    Pretty much every professional goes into a studio... A lot of them pay for it themselves, but it would be cheaper than getting your own mics of the same it'll probably be a better sounding space.....Though if you have the money for decent mics it would be cheaper to do it yourself, though I can't think of any albums that are done that way, except a couple of Kurt's (Heartcore, and I think Intuit?). And if you are going to record it in a room, maybe you could think about doing a live show instead and bringing your rig? Might get a better sound in a different place. If I was doing mostly trio records I would probably invest in protools and some decent mics...unless that is I wanted to record piano or vocals, acoustic guitar, anything needing really costly equipment...I've recorded one cd (coming soon!) in a "studio"- but really it was recorded on a stage by a recording pro with a mobile set up, all in about a 6 hour session. If you dont get bogged down in mixing it can be pretty cheap and could make the money back easy if you know some people to buy the cd...

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  4. JorgeRubiales

    The thing with going to a studio is, above all, to get a good to awesome sounding room. If you're going to a studio and the room doesn't fit, no piece of gear will help that.

    If you're doing an electronic album without any microphones (a la Hearctore, except for the lavalier), you'll be fine. But when you enter the world of acoustics, you would need to be extremely lucky to have a good sounding room at home, or be prepared to spend lots of money adapting a bad sounding one, and you would still need an engineer.

    I don't want to put you down, but I've tried that route myself several times, and it simply doesn't work easily, as the results ranged from bland (at best) to garbage... lol



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