Does Kurt use the neck pick up only? or mix with bridge pick up?

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  1. Hi,

    I really like the 'reflections' album and love the tone of that guitar.

    I was wondering when Kurt plays a 335 style guitar, does he use a neck pick up only or mix with a bridge pick up?


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  2. It sounds like most of the tones are from the neck pickup. I'm guessing when he's playing with a little dirt he uses the bridge.

  3. JorgeRubiales

    It seems to me that he plays more closer to the bridge sometimes, so I think he mostly uses the neck pickup and varies tone by picking in different points

  4. once he said he never uses the bridge pickup

  5. jazzacast55

    What type of pickups does Kurt use in his 335 guitar? Anyone know whats in his D'Angelico New Yorker semi-hollow guitar also?

  6. in his d'angelico he uses a seymour duncan 59

  7. tkosm

    Does anybody knows what kind of pick ups Kurt uses for the Gibson 335?

  8. jorgemg1984

    His red old 335? Probably the original ones - he has the neck pickup really high because they re low output I guess

  9. jazzbum

    This made me wonder about something I've noticed in Kurt's sound. It seems like he really favors a setup that allows a very high output from his pickups. This makes sense to me, but I have always wondered why so many "jazz guitar" pickups are advertised as being low output. I don't really understand why that would be desirable as it seems it would allow less control over the sound coming from the amp. (i have this issue with the vintage P-90 on my ES-125). Any insight?

  10. gleepglop

    P90s are low output even compared to a "low output" humbucker.

    The low output humbuckers are mostly made to match vintage designs. High output pickups give you less control over the sound because they will overdrive the input stage of many amps, i.e., you can't really get a clean sound. Most jazz guys want a little distortion on the power amp (output) stage, which is sweeter, with the flexibility to be super clean if they want.
    You can always add more gain (with a boost pedal, etc.) but you can't unwind the pickup if the output is too high.
    For fusion, metal, etc. it may make sense to have a higher output pickup.

  11. jazzbum

    Thanks man!


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