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  1. skiadikt

    not that i put much stock in polls, but the results in the guitar category of the latest downbeat critics poll are ridiculous. ok frisell & metheny 1 & 2 but mary halvorson & nels cline 3 & 4?!? kurt at 19 behind bobby broom? i though he had a pretty good year. somewhere there's a disconnect. here's the list:

    5-jim hall, 6-marc ribot, 7-john mclaughlin, 8-russell malone, 9-julian lage, 10-peter bernstein, 11-lionel loueke, 12-john scofield, 13-john abercrombie, 14-rez abbasi, 15-ben monder, 16-dave stryker, 17-romero lubambo, 18-bobby broom, 19-kurt rosenwinkel, 20-pat martino

  2. animitta

    I am not speaking for Kurt but probably he would agree: who cares about the critics poll?

    Music is not a competition but an Art!

    All the Best


  3. jazznan

    Marketing, marketing, marketing. They're all good and unique. Rating systems are stupid.

  4. Gesture

    Who the hell is mary halvorson? Damn.. lots of names I need to check out.
    Anyway, who cares. Couple of years back in the Netherlands someone came up with a list of the best guitar players and if I remember correctly Slash was #2 so yeah..
    There's good names on this list but ranking them is BS.

  5. InWalked

    Pat Metheny could release a record of him brushing his teeth and Downbeat would say that it was "cinematic in scope".

  6. wommusic
    Key Master

    Critics are like weed on your lawn, mostly. Reading "Dance of the Infidels" (Francis Paudras book on Bud Powell that led to the movie "'Round Midnight"), and Bud got very rough treatment by the critics the whole way through - even for a genius like that. So did Miles. I remember a live review of Joe Henderson from 1995 that said he was "nothing special". That was in Copenhagen, so it's not just in the US that critics are...expendable. ;-)

  7. jazznan

    Haha! Good ones Bud and Wo, very funny and true


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