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  1. david6strings

    hi guys: can you recommend me some recordings with this band: Tenor, guitar and double bass. im searching on the internet and can't find trio bands like that. im going to make a study group with a couple of friends of mine. this video is cool with the alto sax, if you know a band with guit, bass and trumpet is good too, it's just for copying the way they play a tune and how they work with their roles etc...

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  2. JorgeRubiales

    I was searching some time ago about a piano guitar bass trio, and found veeery little about that lineup too.

    When rehearsing, I found the first problem is that everyone has to have great time, you can't rely on only one person anymore. If there's someone that doesn't keep time well, everyone in the group suffer because somebody has to punctuate the rhythm instead of feeling it.

    Aside from that, in your particular case the guitar and bass have to be tight with each other, in order to maintain freedom and kind of substitute cymbal punctuations. There's no secret here, lots of rehearsing and listening to each other. Once you play long enough with someone, you start to learn his cliches, preferred rhythms...

    Good luck with that, if you have some recording playing in that lineup it would be interesting to hear!

  3. Colonel Trane

    Jim Hall has a great piano bass guitar album

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  4. jorgemg1984

    Well, Oscar Peterson trios are the first thing that come to my mind with this format - piano, guitar and drums. Not a big fan myself except for Ray Browns Swing.. that guy could swing!

    Jim Halls record is called "Jazz Guitar" and its really really good!

    There are some Chet Baker records with trumpet, guitar (Doug Rainey, Jimmy Rainey son) and bass (NHOP), the most famous one is "The Touch Of Your Lips"

  5. mikelorenz


  6. jim hall w/ jimmy guiffre.

  7. Quintricacy

    ^what floatingbridge said. Jimmy Guiffre, Jim Hall and ray brown. The album to check out is called The Easy way, Guiffre plays a mix of clarinet and saxophone. Or if you want something more modern, try TYFT with Hilmar Jenssen, Andrew D'Angelo and Jim Black.

  8. Nuno
    Key Master

    Quintricacy; Check this out:

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    The rest of the concert is also online.


  9. david6strings

    thanks everybody for the answer, helpful. yeah i like that because i am looking for trio with no piano neither. that Jimmy Giuffre trio is interesting, thanks a lot

  10. Barry Mando

    I know this is not a trio but its worth mentioning. Kenny Wheeler put an album out a few years back called "What Now" And it fantastic!

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  11. TruthHertz

    Not what you asked for but the approach and soloing instrumentation is similar, Angel Song by Kenny Wheeler. It's interesting, because he first wanted to do it with Paul Motian, but Paul couldn't make the recording date. So Kenny went with Bill Frisell, Dave Holland and Lee Konitz. Drummerless and only guitar for harmonic instrument.

  12. Poparad

    Here are a couple videos:

    Lage Lund, Will Vinson, Orlando Le Flemming:

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    Julian Lage:

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  13. embarrassingly enough, i must've bben in a hatin' mood(... not uncommon ) or been in some space where stuff like this was not what i was after or perhaps i had youtubed some poor examples of his playing previously.... WOW, lage lund is so complete and rad and definitely not culling from a repository of licks. thanks poparad for posting these examples of his pure playing. super wowing out. what a dorko i've been ... just reading interviews and random googles that take me anywhere but the music ... that's right , i am "dorko". thanks again.
    p.s. i like sandemose's comment posted in the youtube comments regarding someone having disliked a particular one of lage's video clips here " one dislike is 10 too many" hahahaha.

  14. Neither

    Yes this videos with Lage Lund are awesome !
    p.s. : I like willvinson comment regarding "LAGE LUND FFFFFFFFFFFFFKKKKK SO YOUNG AND SO GOOD" : "He is very old and very bad on the inside" in the 2nd video !

  15. Poparad

    Thanks for the Jimmy Giuffre links! I'd never heard of him before, but I love it!


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