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  1. cruxtable

    looking for any examples of guitar + drums duo, if you know any...i know of okazaki/weiss, muthspiel/blade, also saw a vide of wayne krantz and mark guiliana...know any other examples? i'm really into mehliana and finding some stuff like that but with guitar would be sweet.

  2. InWalked

    Charlie Hunter with Scott Amendola or any of numerous drummers like Bobby Previte, Derek Phillips, Leon Parker, Adam Cruz, Eric Kalb, etc. There's a bevy of live recordings on archive.org. There's a great run of shows there from the late 90s of CH & AC that are incredible.

  3. contremisart

    there was a good recording of mclaughlin and cobham at montreux jazz fest from 2010 but they seem to have removed it
    you can find cellphone versions of it on youtube

  4. contremisart

    i found the official version on my hard drive. they play 'you know you know' and i can email it to you if you like

  5. SJS

    "The Drums were Yellow"- Tony Williams tribute. Holdsworth & Gary Novak

  6. gregg bendian and nels cline's cover of interstellar space.

  7. Barry Mando

    Lionel Loueke and Mark Guiliana

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