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Easiest way to mix sound from a mic with pickup

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  1. jazzbum

    Looking for the easiest (preferably cheap ;) ) way to mix the sound from a mic with the sound from the pickup on my axe, live. Just working on a getting a little bit clearer sound. Any ideas appreciated, hopefully you can offer some specific gear choices, as I remain pretty ignorant in that department.


  2. Poparad

    I use one of these for a mic/pickup combo on my upright bass:

  3. JorgeRubiales

    Well, it depends on which type of mic you're going to use. Poparad's recommendation works well with lavalier type microphones, but if you're using another type of micrphone it won't work.

    Dynamic micrphones are the easiest to work, but they don't get much detail. They're less sensitive, which is an advantage in case of loud sound sources or noisy environments.

    Condenser microphones, on the other hand, are usually very sensitive, so they will pick up the sound (and ambient noise) better. Most of them require a voltage to work, though (usually supported by the preamp phantom power, batteries or an external transformer).

    Condenser and dynamics use XLR connectors. Nowadays you can get fairly cheap mirophones with decent quality, and a preamp. Look at the behringer and studio projects microphones, and basically any preamp with phantom power on the +-100 bucks range (they will mostly sound the same).

  4. jazzbum

    I'm using a cheap ass omnidirectional lavalier mic that has worked well for amplifying my Selmer type acoustic. I don't really need it to be well defined, I just want to add some more string attack to my overall sound, and maybe a little more depth. I am far from fine tuning, this would just be an experiment to see what kind of sounds I can create. I am using a semihollow ibanez and I love the pickup sound (gibson 57) but just want to add a bit of brightness. I really like Abercrombie's variety of sounds he gets with piezo use, and I love Tim Miller's sound, I just don't want to commit to anything that in depth yet.

  5. denjz

    Maybe this:
    They say Pat Metheny uses one of these...


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