Eastman El Rey2 or 3

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  1. jazznan

  2. docbop

    I saw pictures from NAMM and there is a new El Rey with sound holes you might want to checkout.

  3. carlescountry

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    I have a The Rey3 Custom. I bought it in J. Hale Music. It is a lightweight guitar with a small center block under the bridge. Small and well balanced.

    With flatwounds strings sounds great for jazz. Be careful with the punches as the finish is very fine.

  4. jazznan

    Does it have an audible acoustic quality when unplugged?
    How loud is it?
    Does it sit comfortably on your knee when sitting?
    Do you mean it's easy to chip the finish?

    Thanks again

  5. carlescountry

    It's not a guitar to play unplugged. It is a semi hollow without acoustic properties.

    It is comfortable to play seated. Some people say they are a bit neck heavy, but the Custom of J. Hale Music have solved that potential problem by adding a little more wood in the back where the jack plugs. The result is a perfectly balanced guitar.

    Yes, the finish is thin and delicate. I believe it is essential to put a pickguard.

    I hope this helps.

  6. jazznan

    Yes, thanks.

  7. Bluewaterpig

    I would suggest going with the ER2, but you may want the 3 based on personal preference. The El Rey is surprisingly loud when played acoustically, but I don't think anybody would ever play it acoustic at a gig with just a mic. It's a really great instrument with really great tone, but the major downfall of this model is how neck heavy it is. For me at least, I've never really run into too many problems because of this, but it's certainly annoying. I'd also suggest checking out the ER1. That's the model I have, and for playing jazz gigs, it's absolutely all I need. The new El Rey shown at NAMM with the sound holes looks uly as sin if you ask me.

  8. jazznan

    I talked to JHale and they do add the counter balancing weight and it seems to solve the problem of it being neck heavy, and it still comes in at around 6lbs. Also, they told me the main diff. between ER1,2 and ER 3 is ER3 has a center block, ER1,2 are identical.

  9. Bluewaterpig

    That's actually not true. Most people forget that besides the ER 2 having 2 pickups, it has maple back and sides with its spruce top, whereas the ER 1 has mahogany back and sides with a spruce top, and a single pickpup. That's why some people ask for ER2 with a single pickup, or vice versa.

  10. jazznan

    Oh well, I tried, thanks for the clarification...


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