Eastman T185?

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  1. HlynurS

    I've been looking at some semi hollow guitars as my current guitar really isn't great (Ibanez AF125) and I'm looking for a 335 style guitar. Gibson is out of the question because of the price. I looked at different guitars like I thought the Ibanez John Scofield model would be cool but it's also a bit pricey so I thought about the AS153 since it's a cheaper guitar that's kinda in the same vein as the Scofield model and I saw a video of Ben Monder playing that model and it sounded pretty good. I almost settled on the Ibanez AS153 but then I remembered the Eastman guitars and I'm really interested in the Eastman T185 but there isn't any dealer close to me so I'd have to blindly order it online. That's why I'm coming here to see if any of you have tried an Eastman T185 and I'm wondering what you think about it, tone, playability, etc?

    I've found some clips of people playing it on youtube and I really like how it sounds but youtube isn't the best way to really judge the tone.


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