Easy to use sequencer for practicing?

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  1. jbear

    I am looking into getting a sequencer that will help me develop certain aspects of my playing. I have heard good things about the Yamaha QY100 and I see a QY70 as well, which is less expensive. I really know nothing about these things, but I'd like to learn. I'd like something that doesn't require me to become a software engineer in order to use it effectively. Do I use these with amps? Headphones? My computer? Can anyone give me the "Using/Practicing with Sequencers 101" course...or point me in the right direction for some info?
    Thanks all!

  2. silverwater

    What exactly do you need a sequencer for?

    I don't know anything about the Yamaha QY100, but if you need something to loop changes for you to solo over, I can recommend Band-In-A-Box.

  3. cruxtable

    yea i doubt how useful those portable sequencers could be...i recommend using computer software, band in a box is way easier to use then one of those sequencers, and probably more powerful. and if you have a laptop you can bring it anywhere.

  4. If you are looking to just loop changes get a boss loop station. This is a very good tool, because it forces you to work on your timing first- you must be able to record a chorus for yourself in time before you move on to playing over it.I believe it's the RC-20, don't get the one that is only one pedal- I hear bad things. This thing has 2 pedals in one unit... They also have a crazy version with several pedals to be albe to take out and bring back various loops but it is more expensive and perhaps over the top for your needs.

  5. I have the Boss RC-2, the single pedal, and I have never had a problem with it. It makes an excellent practice tool.

  6. jbear

    Thanks for the responses. I am hoping that a sequencer will help me to work on:
    -Playing/phrasing over chords
    Several have pointed me toward Band in a Box. I will look into that, but I would like something that would be usable independent of a computer as well. I ask about the QY100 as Scott Henderson recommended it as a practice tool.

  7. The boss thingy will totally meet your needs and looks like bingefeller is saying his version ( which is probably cheaper ) is working for him.

  8. david6strings

    4 me to learn the best thing is a just 1 type of equidistant clicks and forced the mind to get space sense of time. one click in beat 2 another in the 4. one click on 2 for 3/4 swing or even the last of every eight triplet for working quantization. the i can use the band in a box sometimes but i don't recommend use it all the time, these things give you too much information. say a sax player must to sound to II V I when playing over II V I but with a play a long you have less responsability in that matter biabox and similars are good for other things i think


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