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  1. cruxtable

    i've been thinking a lot about my picking technique lately because it's been causing a lot of problems. the problem is:

    i can economy pick naturally going from high strings to low strings, but going from low to high i have problems, and my tendency is to alternate pick. i think that's backwards from most people. i want to be able to economy pick going down the strings more naturally and accurately so i can play faster and cleaner, and i could spend more time with the metronome, but it's tedious sitting in front of the metronome playing scales and i'm not sure if it's really helping.

    any thoughts?

  2. You should be creative while you pratice scales and arpegios, i have fun with my metronome :)
    pratice you playing not your pratice!

  3. Sandemose

    Im with Goncalo.Monteiro: I wouldnt mind that much about whatever technique Im using. I would rather play stuff at low tempos, or slower phrases over whatever tempo and just search for touch, tone and control. Set up some rules/concepts perhaps. You have to start the phrase on the B-string and ascend to the E-string. The next phrase have to start on the G-string and ascend to the E-string via the B-string, then start on the D-string the same thing. I would only play, as if I was playing with someone else, until it comes naturally.

    Best of luck!



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