Effect used in Brooklin sometimes

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  1. PFDP


    I am trying to add some new effects to my pedalboard. I´m looking something different. I really love Kurt´s sound on Brooklin Sometimes...but I don´t have any idea of what pedal can be.

    Any help?

    I´d like to find new sounds too. Mixing and searching by myself, can anyone recommend me a pedal for that?


  2. fakejake

    The 'effect' you're talking about quite probably is Kurt singing. I don't think he's using any special pedal on that track, but he definitely sings along which gives the notes this 'shimmering' quality.

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  3. PFDP

    Searching in the forum I found that is the Roland Vg-8 was a referring to.

    Does anyone know a less complicated peadlboard to get that sound or similar?


  4. PFDP

    Hello again,

    Any info about the HC micro Synth???

    Thanks again

  5. Bluewaterpig

    HC? Do you mean the ElectroHarmonix MicroSynth? I've never heard of him using this before but it's a remarkably versatile pedal that can achieve a world of different effects with octaves above and below the raw signal, filter sweeps and more.

    I don't hear anything on Brooklyn Sometimes that stands out as unique from his normal tone for the majority of the time on that album...maybe you can be more specific?

  6. Poparad

    Are you talking about the "Deep Song" recording or the "Under It All" recording? I'm fairly certain that "Deep Song" only has minimal effects (delay, voice). The older version of "Brooklyn Sometimes" on the unreleased "Under It All" recording does have the Roland synth.

  7. PFDP

    I was talking about Deep Song.
    It must be me then. I have the sensation that at the beginning of the song, when he plays the melody there is some kind of effect

    BTW. Do you Know some pedal which I can explore similar sounds? ( my guitar doesn´t have a midi out)

    Thanks a lot!

  8. cruxtable

    i believe what that is is a delay pedal, i think i've seen him quote the boss dd-something (maybe 2 or 3), using it set with the smallest amount of delay time, set all the way wet, so the dry signal is gone and it sounds like there is the smallest delay or swell into each note.

  9. Bluewaterpig

    Read my first post about the MicroSynth. I bet you'd be happy with it.


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