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  1. aramaya

    I have been experimenting with having an "avante garde" pedal board that includes a couple of moog pedals and my laptop. The pedals sound great, but I don't like the way the drive setting on the Moog pedals colors your tone even when on bypass. Does anyone have any suggestions for some effects loop pedals that would allow me to retain my tone, but still have this other board ready to use?

  2. guitar1025

    Maybe an EQ pedal to cancel out/fix any unwanted frequencies??

  3. Poparad

    There's the Boss Line Selector that would do the job (and can daisy-chain power any other Boss pedals).

  4. Benny

    Sounds like you need a good quality true bypass loop strip. There's lots of choices out there - at the top end there are units that offer presets of various loops and can send MIDI to pedals etc.

    Here's an example of a simple bypass loop unit (Kurt Rosenwinkel has been using the GigRig Quartermaster recently):

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  5. jorgemg1984

    Or the Lehles or the X-Blanders

  6. aramaya

    thanks for the ideas. I ran across a relatively cheap one on the web. Has anyone checked out the mxr dual loop box?


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