EHX Pog vs Pog2

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  1. Chris

    Does anyone have any advice on these two pedals..?

    I'm thinking about just getting the Pog, but is the Pog2 worth it?


  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    forget the pog get the hog

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  3. MLeJazz

    Forget the Hog get the Hog 2

  4. skepasts

    I have the Hog, is there much difference between the Hog and the Hog 2?

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  5. mretfasterer

    I have the hog and Have played with the hog 2...
    The hog 2 supposedly SOUNDS better but I didn't hear it :/ Take that for what it is, I suppose. I played a 335 to the hog2 to a deluxe reverb. Then I played mine. Didn't notice a difference worth selling mine and buying that one.

    The hog2 has a fancy little footswitch that saves 100 presets, whereas the hogI has a LARGER footswitch that stores 6 presets.
    I'm not getting the HOG2. Who needs 100 presets? And the sound enhancements aren't worth it, to my ears.
    Thats what I think about it :/

  6. Nathan078

    the tracking is better on the hog2. also the present thing, at least in my experience, saves alot of pedal messing during sets. good luck!

  7. kurtisrosenwinkel

    yeah i don't think there is much difference, except one big one which is midi control, so you can change presets via midi which is helpful if you have other midi gear that change presets together...

  8. lordofuo

    Just now saw this reply regarding HOG vs. HOG2.. I guess that means for freeze and attack/decay I should be good with a HOG1?

  9. sam

    Yeah. I had the HOG1 and use those two functions all the time. When I got it I wasn't really sure where in my music I would use it, but now I use it all the time. It really permeates my sound these days. There are a million different things you can do with it, too.

  10. lordofuo

    Cool, thanks. I'm excited to start learning to use it. I just got worried, cause I noticed Kurt only started really using it live in the past year or so (as far as I can see), and that lines up with the HOG 2's release, kinda. I was thinking maybe it only became useful in a live setting with the HOG 2 for some reason, but I now assume that there isn't too much difference, as long as I don't need midi-controlled preset changing.


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