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  1. Basile865

    Played this pedal the other day and wanted to share it with you guys. Such a cool sound! This is just one setting, but it does also have a glissando effect that can be used to sound like the gliss feature of the HOG, only problem is, while you can adjust the speed of the gliss feature you cannot manually control it with an expression pedal like the HOG. Other then that its a killer pedal, cant wait to get one.

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  2. Wouldn't you know it... Captain Seinfeld just had to walk in and start with his Warwick slap fest right near the end

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  3. Basile865

    Lol. It comes with the territory.

    Only other problem I found with it was that it didnt track perfectly. It needed a strong signal given from the picking hand. If you go too soft it wont react. But outside of that I really love that setting. Not to mention using the gliss on it.

  4. smoke

    I tried one and found it tough to trigger, like you mentioned. I really had to hit the strings pretty hard to get it to read. I decided against it, but it was pretty cool when it worked.

    What was that piece you were playing? Really nice changes and voicings

  5. Basile865

    Thanks, its just an original but I was messing around so there were random things in there.

    I want to email EHX and see if theres anything they can do to enhance the superego. The tracking needs to be more sensitive, and if you could use an expression pedal to control the gliss it'd be perfect. A bit of a long shot but I must say, for such a large company they really do seem to listen to the players and always be innovating new products.



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