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  1. Sandemose


    This is a new talent emerging on the swedish jazzscene, Elin Larsson. Her latest record got crazy reviews and these clips are from a swedish morning show. Their sound is very swedish, at least I think so, living Sweden and being quite familiar with the scene. I thinks she is goin to be a voice to count on in the future. I think its liberating to see young people, esp. girls making their way on to the scene. She gives a very nice impression, smart and thoughtful. She really is all about the music. For those who understand Swedish, I post the inverview with her as well. She mentions Wayne Shorter as big influence, being present in the moment and how she came to form the band at the Royal Academy of Music.

    "Waiting in wain":

    "Go Home":

    Interview with Elin Larsson:

    See you around, best,


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  2. Wow - very cool, great songs. Thanks for posting!
    Also I think it's really cool that you have jazz on your morning tv shows in Sweden!

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  3. nateroberts

    I really enjoyed this! Thanks so much for sharing Sandemose. I can definitely hear the Wayne Shorter influence. I love her tone - she sounds so much more aggressive than most other female musician I've heard. Interesting group as well.

    - nate

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  4. Thank you for posting this! She (and her band) had a very nice workshop at my school last year. She's really good and definitely deserves all the cred she gets.

  5. Sandemose

    Samuel: I understand you´re from Sweden. Were do you study now, and were have you been studying?

    Best regads,


  6. I'm currently at Elins former school Sommenbygdens fhsk. I havn't studyed anywhere else yet.

  7. Christoffer

    Hey guys!
    I just saw Elin Larsson group yesterday evening at Lilla Hotell Baren here in Stockholm, she did a really good performence.
    And like Nateroberts says, she really do have an aggressive tone some times!




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