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Epiphone Dot

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  1. Najtsirk


    has anybody any experiances with Epiphone Dot? I read Kurt also played it.



  2. JorgeRubiales

    I've seen some of those in jams, they sound ok. I believe the thing is to try if you like the neck and the sound YOU get out of it. For the money, try some ibanez too (I personally prefer these, the epi necks are not comfortable to me).

  3. InWalked

    I think the newer Epis aren't very good (clunky necks, poor p-ups, etc) but the older ones ('90s, made in Korea) are actually pretty nice. I think Kurt used one of those.

  4. david6strings

    if u are going for the epi i think u better get the sheraton II

  5. add4

    A few words bout the ibanez option. i think you should definately try one of these. I'm currently using an Ibanez AS-93 and it is a very nice guitar for the price payed. The stock pickups are crap, but with a pickup upgrade, it's a very nice guitar. Maybe a little 'sterile' not really alive. but it's really precise, and a good work instrument that you can take at a jam and not worry if you let someone else play with it or if you make a scratch or dent into it.
    I first put Gisbon classic '57 pickups and i was not really happy with the sound. I just upgraded to bare knuckle manhattan P90, and the sound goes from adam rogers to lage lund or kurt.
    Hope that can make you think of new possibilities

  6. david6strings

    hey add4 im curious about that pickups cause i just did the same as you. i upgraded my sheraton with classic 57 vintage pu's and im not totally happy, so maybe you are right do you think they will work fine with the epi too?

  7. jorgemg1984

    I have a Cort Source, is a very goo guitar (Korean like the first Epis) and very cheap. I put Bare Knucles Stormy Monday and it sounds amazing, this pickups are much better than the Classic 57 (I also upgraded the pots and caps with BK stuff and some vintage cloth wire). Check this guitar and pickups, they are worth it.

  8. add4

    Hello David, i'll try to help...

    The main reason to upgrade from the gibson 57 were
    boomy and muddy bass
    not enough highs
    not much dynamics
    no 'airyness' i wanted my guitar to sounds more like a hollowbody than like a solid body.

    I hesitated between the stormy mondays that Jorge choose, the mules, or the mississipi queen P90 and the manhattan P90. i asked for advices on the bare knuckle forum, full of helpful people and i finally decided to ask to the maker of the bare knuckle pickups for advices. The advices given were for either the stormy mondays or the manhattan. some people also advised the missisipi queen for a less subtle, and more cutting through sound.

    I choosed the manhattan because wanted the highs and sparkle of a single coil, with the power of a humbucker. and i wanted to avoid the nasal sound of a humbucker. Haven't tested the stormy mondays. I wish it would have been possible to test several pickups and i think you can try them and send them back for exchange, but sending them back and forth to bare knuckle is expensive.

    I have upgraded the neck pickup only and after installation, the first thing i noticed is that the sound is much sweeter, noble, than the sound coming from the 57 in the bridge, taking into account the fact that the bridge pickup is in the bridge, of course.

    the sound is just more musical. the bass are now present and defined, precise, but not boomy. there is a slight boost in the mediums, which gives a little 'oomph' to the sound, which is very musical to my ears. Much more highs than with the classic 57.
    The sound i was after was basically kurt, adam rogers, and lage lund. I find that naturally, it is very lage lund like, very precise and acoustic. With tone rolled off, i'm closer to adam's tone that i ever been. The closer you move the pickup to the strings, the closer you get to a subtle thing that
    kurt has in its sound that i can't describe.

    The dynamics are much better too. you can hear the subtleties in your attacks. and i would say the sound is 'spacier' in general
    I used to have the Empress para EQ always on and now i barely turn it on, because i'm much closer to the 'ideal' sound with guitar->delay->amp (i still like to decrease the bass a bit, otherwise, flat EQ) only.
    I have not upgraded the pots of anything else, just soldered the new pickup in place.

    I think that the sounds samles in the bare knuckle site are quite accurate, listen to those of the mississipi queen cleans, then the manhattan cleans and you'll see what is the 'oomph' in mediums that i was mentioning. You can also hear the 'nasal' thing on the stormy monday, which is why i choosed P90. From my limited experiences, the samples seem accurate, so you might find them useful to choose the model too.

    For me there is definately a noticable and efficient sonic improvement in upgrading from the gibson to the bare knuckle pickups. I have not tried the other models, but i think that even if there are subtle differences between the models, the overall quality should be better than mass produced pickups.

    I am sure that i would be equally happy if i had chosed stormy mondays or maybe the missisipi queen, and tweaked the EQ a bit differently.
    Anyway, hope that helps, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have some, maybe with a private message so we don't kill the original subject of the thread. You could also ask questions on the bare knuckle forum or ask the bare knuckle maker.

    Hope that helps

  9. jorgemg1984

    I completely agree with add4 - the bare knuckles are much much superior to the Classic 57. Theres no argument there, period. People also rave the Fralin and Lolar pickups, but they are expensive and hard to find in Europe. Bare Knuckles has the best costumer service EVER. Tim replies in 5 minutes to e-mails and the guys on the forum will help you a lot. I wanted a humbucker so I got the stormy monday on my Cort and on my 1965 Guild X 500 and I will never try anything else - my luthier has tried every pickup you can image in his whole life and he was completely blow away by this - he even made an "arrangement" with the company and he is installing this pickups for all his customers.

    Just as a final argument - the classic 57 costs around 100€ and the BK around 130€ - its not that big difference... (and the BK are handmade!)

  10. I went to the bare knuckles site and listened to the clip of the Manhatten and was pleasantly surprised. I was wondering what your thoughts would be about putting one of those p90's in a new es 175. A few of your comments like how you had a muddy bass before, and how you now have a nice boost in the mids, dynamic and clear highs and lows, really rang true for me. Do you think a p90 in a hollow body is a good choice? I too am into the tone of the guitar players that you yourself mentioned.

  11. david6strings

    i love the p90 sound in les pauls and in 175's too, jason dont worry about that. its just about what you like. im thinkin about it. i dont want the moody sound i have. but im afraid of my sheraton become a strato or a blues guitar. i think when i have 250 euros that i have a chance to these pickups. people right here seems to be felt in love with them. so i'm so curious. i guess the question that hurts me is what the hell am i gonna do with the set of classic 57 that i already have hehehe

  12. add4

    David, about that set of classic 57. i think i have found a solution : build a warmoth tele use the classic 57 into it :p
    or you could resell them, but i find myself that a very good excuse to try the warmoth adventure :)
    and i've always wanted a tele with humbuckers...

  13. add4

    About the P90 in a hollowbody, i saw a 1952 gibson ES125 (i think) at the local guitar shop. it has a stock gibson P90.
    The ES330 is hollow body, and has P90 too. I think that's a classic vintage combination. it should sound great
    will write more later, but the laptop battery is dead at the moment ..

  14. jorgemg1984

    You can sell the classic 57 easily, I sold mine for a nice price. Chosing between the humbucker or the P90 is a matter of taste but the stormy mondays DONT have a muddy sound at all. I personally dont like the high end of P 90.

  15. add4

    As Jorge said, i think choosing between p90 and humbuckers is a matter of taste. Remember that all the guys we talked about use humbuckers. so i guess the best way of getting this kind of sound would be to go for humbuckers.
    I mainly went for P90 because i love the sound of a tele neck pickup, but always find it too thin when i play it.
    This was an attempt to get a kind of fat tele neck. In a mahogany guitar, il also fattens up the tone. So i think it's more or less how it could be described.
    But i think that any bare knuckle pickup will bring you clear and well defined highs and bass. The rest is a matter of taste. And i am quite sure that i get a bigger change in tone between a thick or thin pick than between 2 slightly different pickups.
    Good luck if you decide to change, i'd be interested to know what you choosed and your thoughts about the final sound.


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