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Equalizer pedals

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  1. Hello,
    I am thinking of buying a equaliser pedal. I prefer the MXR 10 - band any other suggestions??
    Thank you guys in advance !!

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  2. jazznan

    and can someone explain the point of these to me, I don't get it? (confused about gear)

  3. Quintricacy

    I'm not exactly sure of how they work but they boost all the frequencies of your guitar. I didn't think it would make much of a difference but I was totally wrong, it gives my guitar such a fuller sound. I never play without it anymore.

  4. I use the Empress Eq all the time. I can get control over FQ`s that i cant get a hold of with the amp tone controls. Its also very nice when u need to use other peoples amps on gigs and lets u dial in the tone ypur used to.

  5. patfarlow

    i also lovemy empressa para eq.....had to send the first one back but second one is perfect

  6. @patfarlow :Could you send me a link that sell's this EQ pedal. Thank you very much

  7. chollus

    i got the mxr and it s very effective to correct lake of some frequencies, especially in the mid range... it's also a great boost for your sound

  8. patfarlow

    i bought mine on ebay!

  9. david6strings

    i'm not a person who takes enough time on gear matters but i have heard that the Eq in general must be used to low the volume of non desired frequencies and never like a kind of booster. if you like your sound but there is something in the finished of the sound you dislike then use it. well i heve got one of that pedals, so im interested 2. im waiting to new opinions, you guys know more than me.

  10. @chollus:
    as per your last post, I totally agree. I HD the 6 band and loved it. Don't go crazy , start flatlined at 0, then start moving things around

  11. jbroad

    check out the carl martin parametric eq. it's an excellent studio quality eq in a pedal

  12. mikelorenz

    i personally didn't like the carl martin eq. i bought one used which may have been the problem but i found it to be really unreliable (broke twice, once on a gig, once a completely broken footswitch) and really colored my sound instead of refining it in anyway. just how it worked to my ears but maybe i got a dud.

  13. JorgeRubiales

    @david6strings: you are talking about the eq that is applied to a mix in a record or a live reinforcement system. The eq on a guitar pedalboard is used more as an effect, to alter subtly your sound (obviously it won't make a strat sound like a les paul). It's like your amp's eq, but with more posibilities.

  14. Basile865

    All it does is allow you to tweak the frequency range on your guitar. You can add/take away bass, mids, treble. If you have all the slides all the way up it will just boost everything for a much larger, louder sound. But theyre really designed mainly to tweak your overall tone. Probably helps a good bit to those who are playing different venues every night. Every room sounds different so you can adjust the tone how you need it. Best advice really is to just go to your local Guitar Center/Sam Ash/ whatever music store that has one in stock and to experiment and see how you like it.

  15. JtV

    I would have to say the Empress EQ. It has endless tone shaping possibilities and I never turn it off.....

  16. jorgemg1984


    Thinking about getting an EQ pedal - I know the Empress Para EQ is great but dont want to spend that much money and dont have that much space on the pedal board! The MXR 10 band is also not a solution because its 18v and large.

    The MXR 6-band is the logical cheap solution. I have read above some good things, does anyone have extra experience with it? I can score one for a really great price used.

    I also checked this one with the tuner advantage.

    The EQ will be the first spot of the pedal board and its going to be used with some guitar amp combinations, mainly for jazz. Its for minor tone changes not dramatic ones

    Thanks for your help!

  17. i just bought it again! in a situation where i kinda need something like that again. it first off can give a lil' boost , period. and again, i would start from a zero flat line and adjust. just get it. it sounds like you're going that way from the first 2 sentences anyway. it is not a bad option. it would only be if you found something superior for cheaper and the voltage you need, right? kinda tough to come by, i'd say.

  18. jorgemg1984

    Have you tried other EQs apart from the MXR or the Empress?

    Thanks for your input

  19. wasnt the issue space and money?

  20. Joxo

    I have the Empress para eq aswell. Its a nice pedal but every time i plug it in and think i got the sound just right, i always try to disconect it and each time i prefer the clean signal without the pedal in my chain.... To be honest, why would u need a eq pedal if u got a guitar and amp that u love the sound from ?

    Its perfect to bring to gigs where u dont know what amp u gonna get though ! could easy save the night for u !

  21. JorgeRubiales

    That's the thing Joxo, you can't create anything good with an EQ, no matter how expensive. I like them for correcting problems, such as piercing highs or boomy lows, that can't be solved with the amp's own eq.

  22. jorgemg1984

    Hey Jorge, thats exactly my point! Mainly to solve piercing high mids / Highs.. I may get a Maxon GE601 for a good price, anyone used one? Is it much better than the MXR?


  23. Joxo

    Yeah , but thats my point 2. If u have a nice guitar and amp , then its mega hard to correct something small with a EQ pedal without loosing something else. Every pedal u add will mess with your tone when its off or on (true bypas sure, but it does not matter). If u got piercing highs or mids/bas that causing u problems then the root problem needs to be corrected first.

    Sure i could be a nice help sometimes on gigs where u dont know what amp or in a room that has a vierd sonic caracter. Also with little things , and even as a effect but as a tool for "correcting " your sound i think u need to be carefull and try to find what causes the issues u dont like first !

  24. jorgemg1984

    I really like my guitars and my amps, the EQ pedal will be to correct some things you cant correct with the standard controls of the amp. Of course all pedals change your tone, I just changed the cables I was using and changed a lot my sound - the amount of things that change / color your tone is endless.

    About the pedals some clearly mess with your tone more than others and I wanted an EQ pedal that turned off or set flat changed my tone the minimum possible. Even if you put a tuner between your guitar and your amp you are already changing your tone - or if you use reverb on your amp. I just wanted that change to be as low as possible.

    Of course ideally you would adjust your guitar and your amp to the sound you want and never use an EQ pedal, i agree with. I also think you should never use an EQ pedal to make big changes in your sound but it can be a useful tool to make slight corrections that can be very hard to do tweaking the amp circuit. A lot of players use EQ pedals - I think Kurt uses them even when he is not on the road and Gilad and Luge use them at least on the road.

    I got a real sweet deal on a Maxon graphic EQ, will have it next week. Thanks for all your help!

  25. JorgeRubiales

    Well, if you have a nice guitar and a nice amp, don't expect that it becomes better by adding a little eq. I don't want to drop a brick post, so I'll try to keep it short.

    EQ's have certain parameters. One is the frequency of a particular band, then you have the value (+- dB), and perhaps one of the most important (and overlooked) ones: the Q factor. Basically it defines how broad is the frequency spectrum that that particular band is going to affect.

    If you want to correct particular problems, your best bet is an EQ that has a high Q (so it modifies less frequencies when you alter the gain). Audio "gurus" call this a "surgical eq", but these are often in the studio domain and the transparent sounding ones aren't cheap. They aren't better than the low Q ones, just useful for a different purpose. Even if you have the bucks to buy an expensive high Q eq, you would probably need a sound tech to make it sound right, and not to over-eq.

    So, the bottom line: buy the eq that doesn't make your guitar sound weird (look specially at low end dissapearing and high frequency artifacts), and let the big eq machines to sound techs


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