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  1. add4

    Hey all,
    The strap of my softcase broke yesterday night when i came back from my guitar lesson.
    I have looked around a bit and i can't seem to find any well protecting, useful, lightweight, not too expensive softcase for semi-hollow guitars.
    What brand/models do you guys use?

    i don't want to buy the old one because it's the second that brokes in 2 years, and this model is too tight for the semi hollow anyway, and has a bad protection too.
    I found , which seems great! but i find that a case that expensive should be made with unicorn blood to justify this price (with the dollar-> euros conversion it's a bit less expensive, but still double the 'normal price' that i already find expensive)

    Thanks for your ideas

  2. Gia5

    I've got this one
    i payed 45 euro. It's very good, fake leather, and beautiful to see.

    Contact us
  3. steepcreeks

    For What It's Worth
    Monocase is so so. It protects the guitar well, keeps it in position in the case since it was specifically designed for the 335 but there is very little room for anything else. I'm using it now but wish there was more room for a couple pedals/tuner. You could maybe force them in the outside front pocket but this might apply pressure against the guitar, right on the bridge & tailpiece:(, since the pocket is so small and tight.
    Also, where the back pack straps are sewn to the bag, they are right beside each other. There is no separation between where they connect therefore making the straps pull in toward your neck. I only noticed this after wearing for a while. Seems like they could have made a few modifications to this bag to make a really great design.

  4. geetarted

    Ordering the mono stuff threw a business decreases the shipping costs and lowers the overall total.

  5. LeonardoB

    I had the same problem as Add4, and was wondering if anyone of you guys knew which brand of bags Kurt is using; I'm referring to theses ones in the picture:

    I wanted to buy the same one as yours, Gia5: the Rockbag case. Could you give me your impressions about how much it keeps the guitar safe, how it is padded, how much room it has for other stuff like pedals/tuners..??
    (PS I have a Sheraton, which is pretty much like a 335).

  6. animitta

    The gigbag in the picture i suppose is a Levy's gigbag : ( this one is for an electric type )
    The RockBag works quiet fine, i have one sized for acoustic guitar in wich i put my 175, who fits perfectly, but i use also for Ibanez AGS (quiet large for this one but it works).
    All the Best

  7. ...I like the way you think, geetarted.

  8. Gia5

    Leonardo, with the due attention to pay with soft bags, Rockbag is fine, has got a good padding, a strap for the neck of the guitar, the belts can be hidden in a zip if you want, and has got lots of pockets, even under the "pillow" for the headstock. Actually mine it's not the one in the picture, but very similar.

  9. LeonardoB

    Yeah, I see. I wanted to purchase this one for my Sheraton:

    which is like Gia5's one, and costs about 67 euros, but I checked out the MonoCase m80 series and it seems wonderful, light, and extra-strong: watch out this vid

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Player

    Pretty funny, and eloquent.
    I found a Mono case for Semi-Hollow models for 140 euros (199 dollars), with free shipping included, on ebay, the same as add4's one. Looks like it's worth spending the extra money for the Mono case, what do you think?


  10. add4

    Bad post, sorry guys :)


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