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  1. callum

    Hi, all. I've got the time factor and it's awesome, but I find it adds a brightness to my sound which I dislike. Has anyone come across a similar problem/have a solution?


  2. Could you combat the brightness with an eq pedal? It may give you a boost but a volume pedal could then regulate that.

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  3. jorgemg1984

    The pedal has a filter knob that controls the "tone". Use it :)

    BTW do you mean when the pedal is on or off? In off it has some different bypass modes I think, maybe one of them has a buffer and that could explain the increased high end.

    Anders the man has a 400 dollars delay don't make him buy more pedals! BTW there are EQ's without boost and the ones who have one that I've tried had a unity gain setting so they were really cut / boost, no need for volume pedal (but it's a useful tool anyway so...)

  4. callum

    Yeah I mean when it's engaged. I tried using an exotic x-blend that I already had but it's eq capabilities are limited. Jorge, I thought the filter knobs function changed depending on what delay setting you use? I'll look into it anyhow.

  5. jorgemg1984

    Callum I don't have the pedal and never tried it but Eventide states the filter knob is a tone knob - if it works with all delay settings I am not sure... The xotic should help a little but not solve the problem.

    I mean I thought such an expensive and rave pedal would leave your tone intact... is your unit 100%? I think Kurt himself used one for years and loved it.

    Can't help you more!

  6. 26-2

    The eventide converts your signal to digital, this is going to alter your basic tone you need to use a line mixer like a lehle parallel, xotic xblender o gigrig wetbox if you want to get the best out of it.

  7. callum

    26-2, could you possibly elaborate?

  8. JorgeRubiales

    I don't know the specifics of this effect, but if it's done well, it shouldn't alter the tone, despite being digital (I should say SPECIALLY being digital. Everybody records on digital systems nowadays, and you can get great tones). Maybe the timefactor has a cheap dsp, who knows.

  9. Joxo


    I got one.

    First , a delay could very well be voiced in a special way. If its digital or not does not matter. The timefactor has a very good DSP.

    Also, The filter Knob is not a tone control, it controls the X parameter on each effect.

    Callum , if you turn up the volume mix on the delay , is the the sound still bright ? Sometimes the room sound of the direct guitar sound that is louder and reacts togheter with the room acoustics sound fuller.

    I use the Tape echo on the time factor. I think it has a fuller sound than the "digital" Did you try that?
    The Time factor has a realy good dsp. In term of it messing up your signal i think thats just not true. But, the sound when you use a mixer like the lehle or X-blender(i use the X) is diffrent and lets u control more things. With a mixer you can control the mix but it also lets you maximize the wet/dry ratio in loop by setting the TF to a fixed mode. That makes the sound more pure.

  10. JPMike

    Time Factor over Strymon's El Capistan or Timeline?

  11. Joxo

    Depends on what u gonna use it for. The Timefactor has the most fetures.
    To be hones, i would go for the smallest one , El Capistan if i wasto get one.

  12. JPMike

    I was thinking the El Capistan cause I am sure I won't be using the Timeline to full extent.

  13. 26-2

    It is not about the DSP power, the A/D converters are simply not exeptionals! the brightness you hear is because the ouput of the timefactor has a lower impedance of the orignal signal, this means that restores the original brightness of your guitar.
    Just do this test:

    Set the bypass mode to relay and the mix level to zero and then just activate the timefactor, you should hear a difference of tone when the eventide is engaged.

    Hope this helps

  14. callum

    Thanks everyone for your help, I'll check it out...



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