Experience with having no fretboard-makers?

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  1. fakejake

    Hey guys,
    I have a guitar in the making which should be finished sometime this summer. Pretty soon, I need to settle on all the details, one of them being whether I want to have markers in the fretboard. Now, aesthetically I like the idea having no, or maybe just one marker, at the 12th fret. But having played only guitars with markers up to now, I wonder whether I'll have issues orienting on the fretboard and play like I used to do. There'd still be dots in the side of the neck, of course they are much smaller and harder see.
    Whats your experience with marker-less necks? Should I be concerned and rather stick with them for the sake of orientation and playability?

  2. I too feel that nothing on the neck is cooler. The dots on the side should be enough. Closing your eyes or looking around the room and doing what you're supposed to takes some adjusting but is possible - almost like focusing on breathing in a relaxed manner when you do certain daily activities or finding if you can do away with any unwanted tension or unnecessary steps , seeing if you can make the thing more efficient yet done well whie still executing some task correctly... I bring this up because if you aren't looking, then dots or no dots become irrelevant.

  3. ... Not that I just think its cool. When I ordered a guitar , I gave this thought and chose no dots ( with dots on the side ).

  4. jorgemg1984

    If you have side neck marks you will be fine. I can live with no fretboard marks but I cannot at all play without side neck marks.

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  5. smoke

    I had a Carvin Fatboy with no fretboard dots for a while and had no issues at all in getting around. This was after playing a normal guitar for around 15 years.

    The only issue is if you teach. I took a lesson with Steve Herberman and he had no dot markers. It made following him a little tricky.

    I'd absolutely own another guitar w/o dots. I am about to buy a PRS which is on the other end of the spectrum. I actually think having giant birds will be more of an issue!

  6. arewolfe

    Just think of what upright bassists are capable of. That should put it in perspective.

  7. fakejake

    Thanks guys for the feedback. It is settled then, I'll go for just one dot at the 12th fret. In the worst case, if I really can't find my way around, I guess it should be rather easy to add fretboard marker afterwards.


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