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  1. jorgemg1984

    So I want a delay that allows me to use the expression pedal to control for how long the repeats are audible. I want allmost inifinite repeats... Can anyone tell me if you can do that with the DD7 or the Memory Boy ? Anyone tried?


  2. LeonardoB

    Actually I do that with my Strymon Brigadier Delay, coupled with a m-audio expression pedal (you can assign to it any of the knob parameters, including repeats).
    It does obviously cost more than the DD7, but has indeed a way more "analog" and qualitative tone, still being a digital delay.
    But I'm pretty sure you could do this with the DD7 too, dunno about the memory man but if it has an expression input it's very likely to do that.

    Btw if you're looking for infinite repeats, like an infinitely sustained chord to play over like a sustain pedal on a piano, I strongly advice you to check out Electro Harmonix Freeze, has this unique beautiful function (which was originally in the Hog, but now they produce this Freeze to allow you to have the sustained sound even if you don't want to bouy the entire Hog thing).

    I'm pretty much happy with my Strymon Brigadier, anyway, I wouldn't trade it.


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  3. jorgemg1984

    Hi Leonardo, thanks for the reply. I have found a solution - with the DD7 you can control the maximum point of the expression pedal so I will get an expression pedal with a volume pot so I can go for my usual setting to the maximum only. The Memory Boy doesn't allow you to control repeats. I also sold the M Audio Exp pedal - the Moog one is just 7€ more and has a volume pot and is also much better according to online reviews. Let's see..

    Despite what everyone says I don't like analog delays much. I have a Flashback Delay that I love but I always use the 2290 setting (digital). Tape delay I like more than analog (like the El Capsitan) but I think I still like digital more. Strymon pedals are great but a little expensive imo... I am looking for a used dd7 around 80€ - it won't be my main delay, that's the Flashback,

    The Freeze is awesome but I can get good results with the delay repeats maximized - and this way I avoid having two pedals instead of just one (I really need the delay), an extra transformer and an extra patch cable - this is going to be a small 3 pedals setup to replace my Nova System.

    Again, thanks!



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