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Fave Kurt quote

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  1. I most appreciate Kurt's honesty in the fact that he gets his inspiration to compose from genre's other than jazz:

    "All through my life I've had these songs come out of me that are more coming from Led Zeppelin or even Duran Duran than jazz.I love '80s music and '70s rock,just as I love bebop.David Bowie is a hero of mine just as Bud Powell is a hero of mine." GP/FEB2010

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  2. mrzzajjazz

    Okay, here’s a hypothetical: You’re at a club and you’re asked to sit in. As soon as you strap on your guitar, the song starts, the changes are complex and totally unfamiliar, and the time is something crazy that you can’t immediately grasp. The leader points to you. What do you do?


  3. mrzzajjazz

  4. "Positivity."

  5. smoke

    I like the quote Kurt shared from Beethoven. So not exactly a Kurt quote but he is where I heard it.

    I think it was something like:

    "Avoid unnecessary movement and play."

    There is some genius in that shit right there.


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