Favorite modern album

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  1. schwa

    This should be interesting...
    What recent jazz album has been the most influential on you? Either on your playing, your listening, emotionally, whatever..
    I know "modern" and "recent" are pretty relative. Define however you like.
    Mine would be Invisible Cinema. I heard it and thought, "Aha! This is what I've been looking for."

  2. Gesture

    Metheny Mehldau. Never really transcribed anything from this album but it has everything that I love about music and after owning it for about 7 years I keep getting back to it. Great compositions, great improvisations (imo some of pat's best playing), great interaction, duo playing and of course very virtuosic.

    Star of Jupiter. This album has really grown on me over the last year.

    I also love Invisible Cinema.

  3. Matt

    anything from Scofield in the past 2 decades.

    krantz leibfeve carlock is great.

  4. wommusic
    Key Master

    Recently I've loved RJ Miller's "Ronald's Rhythm", Billy Hart's "One is the Other" and Brian Blade's "Season of Changes" is awesome too! Funny how it's albums, very different albums, by 3 drummers!

  5. Great question Schwa!

    • Dharma Days, Dharma Days, Dharma Days

    • Kurt's 'Heartcore' can bring me to tears

    • Lage Lund's 'Small Club, Big City" makes my head spin

    • Any Tim Miller recording (those chords! Those lines!)

    • The first 3 Bad Plus records (heavy!)

    • John Scofield 'What we do'

    • Pat Metheny "Trio 99-00"

    • Kneebody (Any album)

    and I second Matt's nod to krantz leibfeve carlock

  6. Matt

    i want to add: not necessarily recent, but Kenny Garrett's Songbook is great.

    tigran hamsayan 'shadow theatre' is quite neat. not necessarily a fav, but worth considering.

    "what we do" is a great record. a contender for my favorite Sco record.

  7. Nathan078

    The new david binney album is pretty sick... 10 piece combo for the win!

  8. jbroad

    lots of good ones:

    kurt- the enemies of energy

    chris cheek- vine

    bill stewart- telepathy

    tim hagans- animation/imagination

    tigran hamasyan- shadow theater

    brian blade fellowship- perceptual

    chris potter- vertigo

    david torn- prezens

    jeff tain watts- watts

    michael brecker (rip) - pilgrimage

    tim berne- the sublime and sciencefriction live

  9. InWalked

    Jim Campilongo: Dream Dictionary
    Scott Amendola & Charlie Hunter: Pucker
    Dave Holland: Prism
    Nels Cline Singers: Macroscope

  10. Gia5

    Last two works of Ambrose Akinmusire. They're amazing.
    Anything from Mark Turner.
    Reid Anderson -The Vastness Of Space

  11. sam

    Robert Glasper Trio
    Clear Audience - In Are All An Up For It


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