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  1. Colonel Trane

    This is sort of inspired by the fact that a new Brad Mehldau album is coming out and it go me thinking....
    The first cut on Largo, produced by the same guy as his new one, is When It Rains, and the solo on it has always really got to me. It is extremely well developed, to the point of almost sounding composed. It's like he says everything that can be said on those changes. That style of solo is something I strive for all the time.
    Since this is Kurts forum I'll say that his soloing on Use of Light be it on Deep Song or the video on youtube with the cow in the background is always striking......
    So what solos really touch you and why?

  2. Vilibald

    I like the following (and many many more) because they are just great!

    Miles On So What and Blue in Green (album Kind of Blue)
    Dexter G. on Cheese Cake (album Go!)
    Freddie Hubbard on Dolphin Dance (Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock)
    Coltrane on So What (live in Europe 1960 - bootleg)
    Coltrane on Crescent (album Crescent)
    Wayne Shorter on Yes or No (Juju)
    Wes Montgomery on Impressions by Trane
    Tony Williams on Nefertiti (Miles Davis Nefertiti)
    and countless others

    More recent
    Keith Jarrett on All the Thigs You Are (album Tribute)
    Chick Corea on Inner Urge (Joe Henderson Big band)
    John Scofield on Milestones (So Near So far by Joe Henderson)
    Kurt Rosenwinkel´s solo on Granada by Chris Cheek (album Vine)
    Brad Mehldau´s solo on Ice Fall by Chris Cheek (album Vine)
    Mark Turner on Use of Light by K.R. (next Step)
    Mark Turner on Jacky´s Place by M.T.(Dharma Days)
    Michael Brecker on Tumbleweed (album Pilgrimage)
    Peter Bernstein on Metamorphosis (Earth Tones)
    Fred Hersch on So in Love (So in Love)
    Rich Perry and Donny Mc Caslin on Concert in the Garden by Maria Schneider
    Kurt Rosenwinkel on Fall (Reflections)
    James Carter on Naima (Karrin Allyson - Ballads)
    the list could go on forever

  3. anandaemail

    In no particular order (just a few):

    Wes Montgonery - Impressions
    intense as hell, stretches long ideas like coltrane, very spiritual

    Chick Corea - romantic warrior
    beautiful construction

    Kurt Rosenwinkel - If i should lose you
    raw emotion

    David Gilmour - Dogs
    one of best rock guitar solos ever.

    Pat Metheny - how insensitive (w/ Tom Jobim)
    also pure emotion, simple short and sweet

    Jimmy Page - Achilles Last Stand
    a real face melter, defines dramatic

    Paul McCandless - Sunset Road

    John Scofield - Julia

    Pat Metheny - Our Spanish Love Song

    and others...

  4. jazznan

    Post albums please, so I know where to check them out...thanks....

    Keith Jarrett, intro to All the Things you are on album Tribute (pure musical virtuosity)
    Keith Jarrett What is this thing called love and Poinciana on album Whisper Not (pure music just flowing)

  5. Ben Monder, title track from Chris Cheek's "A Girl Named Joe"
    George Duke, electric piano on "Pygmy Twilight" from Zappa's Live at the Roxy and Elsewhere 1973 (best Zappa band and recording)
    Kurt on Mark Turner's "Casa Oscura" from Dharma Days
    Bill Frisell, "You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart" from Paul Motian Trio Live at Village Vanguard
    David Lindley's slide work on title track of Jackson Browne's Running On Empty
    Kurt on "B Blues" from East Coast Love Affair
    Bill McHenry on first tune on Reid Anderson's "The Vastness of Space"-- must-have record if you don't already
    Ethan Iverson on "Giant" from Bad Plus "Prog"
    Larry Carlton on intro to Steely Dan's "Don't Take Me Alive" from The Royal Scam
    Kurt on title track to "The Remedy"

    Thanks gotta go to bed.

  6. Vilibald

    Michael Brecker on Midnight Voyage (Brecker - Tales from the Hudson)

  7. Vilibald

    Bill Stewart - Jive Coffee (Peter Bernstein Trio - Live at Smoke DVD)

  8. burned into the deepest corners of my mind: Solar - Keith Jarrett from Open Theater East DVD

  9. Any rosenwinkel solo on nemesis-Aaron Parks

  10. Matt

    I really like everything off the next step, solo wise.
    Ben Monder's solos are usually good too.

  11. Amen to Rosenwinkel


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