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Feel like a douche: bought a bone pick. will report.

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  1. JorgeRubiales

    Man, that's about the shortest post I've ever seen on this forum lol.

    Just a language related doubt: what's about the douche thing? I don't get it.

  2. i like it. it's boomy and it feels good. there is a slight feeling of being somewhat removed; like i hold a thing that makes the string go "doommmmm" as opposed i am making the note go "boooommm" with that thing in my hand... there is a difference.
    i wish it were smaller like the jazzIII type size.
    minor gripe: i am left handed and they do have a recess on one side that is symmetrical enough yet on the other , there is scalloped path diagonally running through the pick that is meant for the forefinger of a right handed player's finger to rest and engage with. it was $8 dollars.
    curious about stone.
    so much other stuff i should be doing with music instead.
    it would be really funny if just from having purchased the right pick if all of a sudden i became really bad ass!

  3. JorgeRubiales

    Have you tried ebony picks? How would you explain the difference between the two? Or between stone and jazz III for that matter.

    I'm thinking on making a thick and round pick with a softer wood to avoid a click in sound

  4. there was one made of horn. i like the idea of making one.
    i couldn't begin to compare ; this is the first time i have used a material other than the plastics picks normally come from.

  5. "douche " viene del françes. literalmente significa "ducha". mas que nada, se usa para referir ha un producto higienico feminino. pero aqui lo use para decir que me siento como un huevon por haber comprado un plectro por $8usd... como si una uñeta me va ha solucionar mis problemas.

  6. Matt

    if it's anything like a dunlop 207, it's probably the sex.

  7. those are a good feeling for sure. thats what i like using. i kind of wish this thing wasn't ribbed for my alleged pleasure.
    speaking of those: do they make those 207 208s in that jazzIII size ? i swear i saw this.

  8. Matt

  9. Thanks ! Forgot about the Internet !

  10. JorgeRubiales

    If you have bought any jazztone, you can compare the size because they print the logo the same size on all of them, so if you see the logo "bigger", then the pick is smaller... I think I bought a 205 a long time ago and it was tiny, like a teardrop pick. If you want a sharp point your best bet is the 208. I wnt to try the 204 too, it looks nice.

  11. Matt

    after switching from the jazz iii to the 207 i cant say i'd ever go back. the tonal and technial advantages for me are vast with the 207/

  12. JorgeRubiales

    Does the 207 the same click sound as the jazzIII? I'm trying hard to avoid that, and the only thing that I've tried so far that reduces the noise is a THICK ebony pick.

  13. Yes it does reduce that. With some picks it feels like there is a seam as if each surface were book matched. Like an Oreo . And even if your personal axis of attacking the string is totally parallel to the string, there is some thin little remnant that produces an effect that is like a hint of a pick slide or a flapping sound around every note picked. The 205-8s don't seem to have this seam or it's buffed out

  14. jorgemg1984

    D Andrea Pro Plec are better than Jazz III (which I hate) and Jazztone (too boomy for me) IMO. Fender Extra Heavy are my 2nd favorite.

  15. JorgeRubiales

    I think I'll have to go back to the store and buy some jazztones. I tried them long time ago, and I think I was looking for a rock type pick...

    Any audio comparisons between your stone and another pick floatingbridge?

  16. Matt

    I got some d'andrea and i dont like the attack - too mellow.

  17. JorgeRubiales

    How would you define mellow Matt? As fingerstyle mellow, or what? I'm looking for that kind of sound, but I have to have nails for classical playing...

  18. jorgemg1984

    Jorge why dont you order some picks from here?

    The bad thing is you have to pay 8€ minimum for shipping but you can order just one pick (instead of the usual 6 pack) and you have Pro Plec, jazztone, stone and wood picks, fender x heavy and lots of others... invest some 15 / 20 € on picks, have done it some months ago and its a great way of changing your tone :)

    I really like the Pro Plec, but they are mellow - as I said I hae the Jazz III. I think Monder and Kresiberg use the Pro Plec.

  19. Matt

    I couldn't imagine them using the standard pro plecs i have! for me i cant hardly get an accented note out; but also every player is different right?

    jorge- the closest sound i can cite is Scofield on Scolofoho's first (or only?) record. sco uses a lot of legato but his picked lines sound like what the pro plec sounds like to me at least.

  20. JorgeRubiales

    jorge you saved my day man, I remembered a friend of mine orders in that website for stompbox components, I'll call him to order some the next time he has to buy something there.

    Matt, that sounds like something I would like, definitely going to try the d'andreas. Also buying some 207 and maybe a dunlop primetone, just in case lol

  21. jorgemg1984

    Ha ha you owe me one :) I am always ordering stuff from that website to mod my amps and some stuff I believe they are the only ones in Europe that sell - some picks and strings I have only seen there. If I were you, since you are not paying for the shipping costs, order a lot of picks.. you only get one if each so its not a problem if you dont like it and its not like you will be spending lots of money! And picks can change your tone SO MUCH...

    Matt unless they are lying they do use Pro Plec - I love that pick and everyone is different. As I said I hate Jazz III and they are probably the most loved pick on earth.

  22. Matt

    well maybe they use something other than standards. on my hagstrom, i just cant get any attack with em.

    i tried playing with my jazz iii tonight and i've lost all that... i cant hardly find the strings!

  23. silverwater

    Well since the topic of picks is up, I want to mention that I recently "discovered" this pick by Dava:

    The tip is metal (nickel silver it says), and it's thin and flexible right in the middle.

    For me and the way I pick, this pick is perfect. When I'm picking single notes, this pick acts and feels just like a super heavy one. But if I need to strum a chord or sweep, it has a little flexibility to it, something I also like.

    And I'm really digging the tone as well! I didn't think anything could beat my Jazztone 208, but (at least for the moment) I like how this Dava pick sounds better!

  24. JorgeRubiales

    But metal picks tend to sound very bright, doesn't this one silver?

  25. silverwater

    It doesn't sound overly bright to my ears, it may have to do with it being a softer kind of metal, and possibly because only the tip is metal and the rest is plastic? I don't know for sure, but I do know that it helps me to use only the very tip when I pick, which is another nice feature.

    Anyways I recommend giving it a try, not much to lose except a couple of dollars anyway.

  26. JorgeRubiales

    I see the 208 is a jazz shaped pick. Have you compared it to a more rounded 207?

    Man, so much to try and so little money for


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