Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Settings

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  1. JPMike

    Hello to all,

    This is my first post here and probably won't be my last.

    Recently, I have been turning into jazz quite heavily and I got myself quite some "jazz" gear as you can say(sold some of my "metal" gear, hehe), a Gibson ES 345, a D'Angelico EX SS Thinline and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amp (as I found out, it's not a bad choice for jazz tones).

    I was wondering, if anyone owns one of these amps what would the best setting for a nice jazz tone, thick and legato-ish type of tone?? or what you usually tweak to get a jazz tone in general??

    Thank you,

  2. geetarted

    I go with this setting and adjust to the room. Only clean channel and bright switch off. I also bump the front of the amp with a distortion pedal or boost flavour of the week. The amp cleans out nicely with the volume on the guitar about halfway down. Treble knob on the amp is usually the 1st to go down to 10 o'clock. http://www.hugeracksinc.com/forum/download/file.php?id=632&sid=f73d31b67669c4f7ddaf3dca8ae4708c&mode=view

  3. contremisart

    sometimes i boost mids to the max and turn treble and bass to zero. you get a very martino like tone :)

  4. jorgemg1984

    "sometimes i boost mids to the max and turn treble and bass to zero. you get a very martino like tone :)"

    AKA "The Grant Green Approach" :)

  5. geetarted

    I completely slept on the " Grant Green Approach ". Made my day. Thanks guys!

  6. contremisart

    Your welcome :)

  7. yves

    i saw philipp catherine play with a hod rod deluxe, don't see his set up but got a great ph catherine tone.
    But i went to a show of joachim schoenecker (great german guitarist) he was playing with a blues deville 2*12, he set the trebble and the bass at 2 or 3 nearly counterclockwise and get a nice jazz tone.

  8. JPMike

    I would like to thank you all so far, for your answers. I am testing quite a few settings.

    Keep 'em coming. hehe. :D


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