Fender Twin Mod - Speakers?

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  1. steepcreeks

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  2. Basile865

    I'm going to be needing to replace the speakers in mine as well, as one is flubbing out under high volume (I bought the twin used).

    I was very interested in the Electro-Voice EVM 12L Classic. Its essentially a speaker that has 200 watts handling and will not flub out or distort at all. It takes anything you throw at it and stays strong and clean all the way up through the volume level.

    Those are the pros. The cons is that theyre pricey at about $230 a piece, and I believe they'd add considerable weight to the twin - as if they're not heavy enough already! But to have a very powerful and capable speaker would almost be worth it. Not sure if I'm willing to pay that though.

    I recently found out about the Eminence Delta Pro 12A which essentially is noted as similar to the EVM 12L. Various reviews say they're a little warmer then the EVM 12L. They have a whopping 80 oz. magnet and 400 watts handling power. Sounds like a bit of overkill for a guitar speaker, but they get good reviews and are $120 a piece.

    The other option is to replace with the factory Jensen C12K speakers. They handle 100 watts and sound great from the newer reissues that I've played. I have an older one with eminence speakers currently which sound just fine but they're tired and fart a little bit at higher volume levels.

    The thing I try to shoot for is a ceramic magnet and at least 50 oz. in magnet size. Larger magnets keep the low end nice and tight. Smaller magnets like 35 oz. tend to be better suited towards a musical break up. Sort've like a Celestion Greenback. Thats not really what a twin is built for though. Ceramic magnets I feel are a little warmer then Alnico. Alnico have a little more chime and detail in the top end.

    The super high power speakers run a risk of sounding a bit hi-fi I think, which is something Jazz players would probably want to avoid, but we could probably EQ out the high treble and have a super strong low end which is something I'd love. Good Luck with it!

  3. jbroad

    i would go with the jenset jet tornado neo speakers if you want to save your back. they are very similar to the EVM12L but are considerably lighter. i have one in my port city OS 1x12 wave cab and it sound fantastic

  4. fakejake

    I dont have a Twin, but for any amp that is large enough (twin is, deluxe reverb as well) I would seriously consider putting in a single 15'' speaker, especially for jazz. Better bass response, cheaper and less weight than 12''. You need a new baffleboard though. If the one in the fender reissues is a particle board (like in the silverfaces), you could replace it for a solid one, which should be a nice improvement as well.

  5. JorgeRubiales

    +1 to the 15"


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