Finale or Sibelius?

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  1. LeonardoB

    Hi there,

    I've recently started wondering which one of the two notation softwares is more suitable for a "jazz user" (by which I mean someone who rarely writes for ensembles bigger than 4-5-6 instruments and uses lots of chords but not so many portamento ties or expressive signs): Finale or Sibelius.

    I'm a big time Finale user, but recently I've gotten kinda fed up with that since I don't like the jazz fonts first, and the page layout usually doesn't appeal to me.

    I'm asking this because I'd like to have as many opinions as possible before trying to learn to use a whole new software, which will undoubtedly cost me lots of time.

    Thanks in advance

    PS I am a little biased on switching to Sibelius because I noticed that Aaron Park's music sheets (wrote from Aaron himself) for "Invisible Cinema" are written using Sibelius, with the Jazz Inkpen font I think.

  2. aramaya

    I think Sibelius just went out of business. you should check that before you buy.

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  3. Poparad

    I use Finale, but I also hate the jazz font, so I just use the normal, traditional font, and I'm content with it. And yes, the future of Sibelius is in serious question. It's not that they went out of business, but Avid (Pro Tools) bought them, and a few weeks ago fired the entire staff. I suspect Sibelius will still be around, but it won't be updated, or the updates will be very weak.

  4. docbop

    Actually I think both companies are in finanical trouble. Niche products with high R&D costs spell trouble for music software.

  5. Poparad

    What sources did you hear that from? I've heard nothing of the sort about Finale, and the original owners of Sibelius, upon hearing Avid's decision to fire everyone, said that the company has always been (and continues to be) profitable. (

  6. docbop

    Been a lot of stories in the news and on forums lately about companies in the music business in financial trouble. When Sibelius was mentioned it came up that Finale is hurting too. Avid just plain sucks they been laying off people constantly for past few years. My previous job I was audio post-editing so I lived in ProTools with Avids lack of support. Then Guitar Center and Fender both have been in the financial news of late. Apple is abandoning support for Pro-level products and focusing on consumer versions of their FC and Logic. As I said these are expensive products to develop and maintain so a target when money gets tight.



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